Editor in Chief

Zach Frimpong

An avid gamer and technology enthusiast all his life, Zach's passion is not only learning more about technology and gaming, but sharing his views with the world. Couple this will a joy for writing and talking about gaming and technology, Zach brings true excitement and eagerness to his writing.
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Sr. Editor

Roger Ford

An Open Source activist, who founded to pursue his passion fornews writing. In early years of his life, he worked as market analyst for a number of companies. Ford has been writing reviews and articles for a local magazine for last five years.
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Sr. Writers

Bob Gore

A health writer for more than five years, and was a student of proper medicine for two. Graduated as a biologist, major in zoology, and is now an avid herbalist. Is a retired marketing manager of an international tire company. Is presently a member of a Council of Lay Ministers and a member of the Lay Minister Formation Team. Loves to write short love stories.
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Susan Lynn

Susan loves to cover all aspects of Technology, Online Shopping & Gadgets. She is an Ebay & Amazon seller, who provides valuable information for the successful entrepreneurship. She was featured and interviewed in many leading Tech and Business Media/Magazines across the World.
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Jessica Williams

Author and expert in Mobile Phones (iOS, Android, BB etc), who was with the EST team since it’s inception. Other than Blogging, she is pursuing graduation on Business Management at California University, CA. She takes care of all Mobile Computing topics at Empire State Tribune, which includes Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops. She is always fond of Google’s products more than Apple’s.
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Winnie Liao

She has spent the past eight years playing the role of an infrastructure consultant, and has now joined as a full time blogger. Her current profession is a result of her deep interest in computer gadgets, laptops, gaming accessories and other tech happenings.
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Steven Sawyer

Author and editor of Empire State Tribune Media, he takes care of iOS, Apple, Mac and other gadgets. He worked at Apple Inc, before joining to EST Media. He was graduated Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication from Cambridge University. Apart from writing, he can be found composing music using his huge collection of guitars.
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Evelina Connor

Evelina is a technology writer who loves to cover disruptive technologies, trends, and a myriad of rumors and news updates. To satiate the inconsolable longing to feed her gadget addiction, she simply writes and tinker her gadgets for reviews.
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David Brown

David is the senior writer and responsible for managing software and tablets section of Empire State Tribune. He is very passionate about Gadgets & Technology and always looking around to use them in an innovative way in daily life. He reviews Gadgets & Applications to tell users about their optimum use to get the most out of which they’ve put their time and hard earned money.
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Amanda Brown

She is not just a journalist / writer, but also a PR Consultant. She can also be called as ‘Entrepreneur Chick’, and reading is her hobby. Amanda truly believes in the power of ‘Inspiration’. She is always passionate about learning new things and meeting people from all around different places and cultures. This Chicago girl is totally a socializing bee.
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