WHO Cautions Women Against Pointless C-Sections


The World Health Organization (WHO) says the utilization of surgical labor – or Cesarean conveyance – is rising around the world, especially in nations with middle to high profits. WHO says it is concerned by the conceivable misuse of this essential life-sparing surgery. Cesarean areas are being well supported by the World Health Organization— when […]

World Autism Awareness Day: Early detection of autism may help child overcome the condition and live a normal life, Study


Landmarks in the city were lit up in blue on Thursday evening to mark the global efforts that may generate realization on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Mysuru City Corporation office and Railway buildings were among the places with the blue lights, as campaigners designated on working with the widespread development disorder encourage early detection so […]

Experimental vaccine exhibit promising result in treatment of Ebola


Scientists reported on Wednesday, an early-stage trials of an experimental Ebola vaccine, two in the United States and four in Africa and Europe, which triggered a robust production of Ebola-fighting antibodies. The production of antibodies is a substitution for whether vaccines could prevent or even treat the disease, since trials cannot decently expose volunteers to […]