How Nigeria defeated Polio


A without polio Nigeria implies a sans polio Africa, since it was the main nation left of the 47 on the mainland where the injuring ailment was still endemic. The infection, which as of late as 1988 was endemic in 128 nations, disabling 350,000 youngsters for each year, has now been cornered in only two […]

Monsanto: Cancer-Link To Herbicide To Be Scrutinized By ‘Expert Panel’

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Tuesday July 14th: Monsanto Co, who is the chief of world’s most vastly used herbicides; Roundup, on Tuesday claimed that a committee of scientific specialists will evaluate the discoveries made by World Health Organization (WHO) cancer research unit that came up with the crucial ingredient in Roundup which is “probably carcinogenic to humans.” In March, […]

Former Oxfam Chief Slams WHO for Poor Response on Ebola – Calls for New Center for Managing Health Emergencies


It’s not the first time that the WHO has been criticized for it’s poor response to the Ebola Crisis. But, now, things have gotten a lot worse forcing an independent panel of experts to call for a complete change in leadership and organization at the top. A 28-page report blatantly blamed politics and bureaucracy for […]

Heart Scans Can Show If Patients are Dying in 15 years


A new study has demonstrated that a simple ‘coronary artery calcification’ scan or CAC can help doctors diagnose heart patients at risk of early death. The procedure is just a simple X-ray test which pinpoints specks of calcium in the walls of the coronary arteries – small diameter arteries which supply blood to the heart […]

2030 update: 8 Million People Killed By Smoking!

Smoking kills

The statistics are scary: Smoking related deaths are going to be more than the combined fatalities from AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that deaths from smoking are going to increase to 8 million a year by 2030 unless additional anti-smoking measures were taken to prevent it. WHO Director-General, Margaret […]

Philippines: Second Case of Mers Alerts Authorities


MANILA, Philippines: Health Authorities report that a 36-year-old foreigner from the Middle East has been placed under quarantine after testing positive for the MERS virus. While the patient’s home country has not been immediately disclosed, people who may have come in close contact with the foreigner are being tracked according to Philippine’s Health Secretary Janette […]

WHO: Cuba Recognized As First Republic To Terminate The Transfer Of HIV and Syphilis From Mom To Baby!


On Tuesday The World Health Organization declared Cuba’s success in stopping HIV and syphilis spread from mother to baby. Cuba has become the first country in the world to eliminate the transmission of HIV and syphilis from mother to child. HIV can be transferred from mother to child in pregnancy, labour, delivery or breastfeeding. In […]

FDA Sued Over Approval Of Hepatitis C Trial Drug

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Two advocacy groups are very upset with U.S Food and Drug Administration’s decision to fast forward the publication of the clinical trail data that helped Gilead Sciences Inc win approval for two of their hepatitis C drugs. Yale University’s Global Health Justice Partnership and the Treatment Action Group (an non-profit AIDS organization) are suing FDA […]

WHO-China Worse Off Than India In Terms Of Air Pollution


World Bank reported that China remains number one on the list of countries with the most air pollution. It is is significantly much more polluted than India, with levels of hazardous PM 2.5 particles. Who reported that China was seven times more than the annual mean recommended. China’s mean annual exposure to PM 2.5 particles […]