Liberia Taking All Precautions As Ebola Reappears After 2 Months Of Silence


Liberia has been Ebola free for the last two months, but now with the discovery of a corpse of a 17-year-old boy who died of Ebola, panic has spread through West Africa in fear of another outbreak. The authorities quarantined the area on where the body was found on Tuesday. Tolbert Nyenswah, deputy health minister […]

Traveling woes of Liberians persist – after Ebola epidemic subsides


DAKAR, Senegal: “This constant stigmatization of the country has implications for our post-war economic recovery and for our post-Ebola economic recovery,” she said. “It’s almost like we’re a pariah.” “It’s not just affecting people who are in the country — it’s all of us who have Liberian passports,” said Pailey, an academic, activist and author […]

MFS: Ebola Might Hit Again, We Remain Unprepared, Repeating Mistakes


The head of the medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres is warning that the Ebola epidemic could just as easily be rearing its head again in West Africa – and like last time – the health authorities may not be well-equipped to deal with the deadly virus. The heads of the seven great industrial nations met […]

West Africa: Economic Downturn due to Ebola Virus


Gauges as of late published by the World Bank have uncovered that the economic fallout from the Ebola crisis could cost West Africa billions and has hindered the financial development of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. New instances of Ebola are at last coming to near to zero and healthcare measures are enhancing over the […]

Infected 16 Americans Returning From the Ebola Zone: Is this a Case of Overconfidence or Breaking the Protocols


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday, that no less than 15 Americans were infected with Ebola from a solitary U.S. health worker and have been conveyed back to the United States. They all work for Partners in Health, a charitable organization that has been helping battle the Ebola widespread in West Africa. […]

The Ebola Virus Can’t Put this Good Man Down. Good Luck Dr. Rick and God Bless.


Dr. Rick Sacra is definitely returning to Liberia this week to Liberia, the West African nation where he used to work. He won’t go back to his previous posting at ELWA hospital, but this time he said he might work to help to screen patients to determine the presence of Ebola infection aside from treating […]

Pauline, UK is Still Praying for You


  Pauline Cafferkey is now off the critical list. It seems the prayers of the people in UK have been heard at last. ( The Royal Free Hospital made an announcement on Monday that Pauline Cafferkey is “showing signs of improvement”. She still remains however in the isolation as she continue to receive special for […]

The CDC Lab Technician who was Exposed to the Ebola Virus Last December has Showed no Signs of Infection and is Set to be Released by the End of this Month


All’s well that ends well should not be the case, especially if it involves the very lethal and highly infectious Ebola virus. The incident happened inside the CDC labs involving one of its highly trained scientists. The accident which followed two high-profile cases of mishandled samples of anthrax and avian earlier last year resulted in […]

Another Health Care Hero Is Home Probably Exposed to Ebola Virus


  Health officials have announced the arrival of an American health worker from Sierra Leone who was possibly exposed to Ebola. The patient was brought directly to a hospital in Omaha last Sunday for examination and treatment. Sierra Leone is the worst West African nation hit by Ebola virus infection. The patient was transported by […]

Secretary Hunt Expressed Confidence That Ebola Will Not Be a Problem In the Uk After Another Health Worker Got Infected


Another health care personnel returning from West Africa has been diagnosed with Ebola. The woman was working in Sierra Leone, the West African country hardest hit by the infection, and is now being treated in isolation at Glasgow’s Gartnavel Hospital. The health authorities are now trying to track down all contacts the woman may have […]