Why is the military shipping live anthrax to just about everywhere and everybody?


What is the rationale behind this action? What is it that they hope to achieve? This bizarre behavior from the military needs more explanation than the standard and official denials that they have been using for so long. Live strains of anthrax were mailed again by the U.S. military to 51 facilities in 17 states. […]

Measles Infection Protection: To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate, that Is the Question


  The flu season is supposed to be on the wane, but the virus doesn’t seem to know it. Health officials are giving highly optimistic reports that the flu season has reached its peak and is now on the decline. However the number of people being hospitalized and the fatalities are still going up. On […]

Lately, Children Have Been Getting the Brunt of Infectious Diseases. First it was the Flu Virus, Now It’s Disney’s Measles.


  Who would believe that Mickey’s Castle will be the source of so much misery and sadness? It used to be a happy and wonderful place until measles made a lot of people, mostly children, got sick during their vacation there last month. No, Disney Land has nothing to do with it. Some people who […]

Measles in Disneyland Explained!


  How safe are theme parks from communicable diseases? If you take into account what happened in Disney Land just recently, your answer would probably be “not very”. Nine visitors in either Disneyland or Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim were confirmed infected with measles while staying there between December 15 and December 20. This […]