Mousetrap? Cats use chemical warfare against mice to control them


After the Road-Runner and Coyote race, perhaps, the next most popular pairing is the Cat-and-Mouse chase. Enshrined in idioms and the classic ‘Tom and Jerry’, scientists reveal a new twist to this epic battle: cats use chemical warfare to control mice. Sounds almost diabolical! The study – which was presented at the Society for Experimental […]

Eyes Red After A Good Swim? It’s Not Chlorine!


Do your eyes turn red after a good swim in the swimming pool? Well don’t blame it on chlorine because the real cause is going to make you cringe. The annual healthy swimming report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), state that swimmers urine mixed with other chemicals causes your eyes to get red […]

Red-eyed after a dip in the pool? CDC says it’s Urine, not Chlorine!


If you love swimming, then beware…you might be swimming in more than just plain chlorine water out there. If you’d ever had to deal with irritated, red eyes in the pool know that it has little to do with chlorine. The true cause is nitrogen in urine binding to chlorine to form chloramine—a derivative of […]

A former Ebola virus victim has been unwittingly spreading the infection through unsafe sex


There is a high chance that the Ebola virus will spread rapidly through unprotected sex,  says health officials. Ebola has caused the death of thousands of people around the globe, and the numbers could go higher if health experts don’t heed the newly published report seriously. Past Ebola survivors can easily transmit the virus to […]