Mysterious Glistening ‘Hair Ice’ Are Literally Produced by…


‘Hair ice’ have puzzled scientists for a long time as to their origin, they have been bursting out from between rotting tree branches. Alfred Wegener, famous for his continental drift theory, first identified and studied hair ice in 1918. At the time, he theorized the ice formation might be connected to the presence of mycelium […]

Frozen “Carbondioxide Ice” Bull’s Eye Spotted on Pluto! Terrain is bizarre and unexpected


U.S. Space Agency NASA continues to release more images of the surface of Pluto – the latest ones reveal smooth, frozen plains. Close-up photographs of the vast plains were released Friday – several days after the first set of pictures from the New Horizons mission revealed a range of icy mountains as high as 3,500 […]

Can Long-term Contraceptives for Teens work in New Zealand? It’s Successful in Colorado


A new research has revealed that long-term contraceptive measures are much more effective than other forms in preventing accidental pregnancies – such as pills – mostly because they do not require day to day supplementation. Results showed a decline in births for unmarried women under 25 who had not finished high school – another group […]

What is Global Warming Doing To The Polar Bears? Find Out..


If humans are not able to reverse the current trend of global warming it might translate into extinction for these cuddly snow bears. With the polar caps melting fast, polar bears are losing their icy habitat. They have already been declared ‘threatened’ species in the U.S. under the Endangered Species Act in May 2008. It […]

Obesity is now considered an epidemic in the U.S. A.


A new study suggests that about 35% of adults in U.S. and 50% of the elder individual suffer from the metabolism syndrome. Metabolism syndrome involves the fatal combination of High blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. The obesity is rapidly increasing amongst the U.S population, the recent study further suggests factors that enable the policy makers […]

Japan and United States strengthen alliance as China’s Military might increases in Asia Pacific


Japan and the U.S supported their strategic alliance for the first time around two decades as they try to react to China’s increasing aggressive posing in the Asia-Pacific area. New defense rules discharged Monday in New York grow U.S.-Japanese collaboration around the world and into space and the internet. Japan will tackle a more robust […]

EU pledge 40% Cut Down of Emission at UN, While the U.S. and China are Keeping Mum on the Issue


    The European Union on Friday submitted to the United Nations  its formal promise on how much it will cut down greenhouse gas emissions ahead of climate change talks starting in November and called on the US and China to follow its lead. The talks in Paris aimed at seeking a new worldwide deal […]

January ADP Report: job creation weakens

The latest data from payroll processor ADP (Automatic Data Processing Inc.) reveal the private sector added 213,000 workers in January, well below the 224,000 increase analysts have forecast and the lowest job growth since September. This was also much lower than the 253,000 reading for the prior month. According to the January ADP National Employment […]

8 ISM industries post growth, reflect positive business conditions

The United States Institute for Supply Management (ISM) published the latest Non-Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) today, which showed eight industries reported growth in January amid stable business conditions. Anthony Nieves, CPSM, C.P.M., CFPM, ISM Non-Manufacturing Business Survey Committee’s chair said the Non-Manufacturing Index (NMI) posted a 56.7 percent growth in January, which was slightly […]

New Preorders for Nexus 6 will start on November 3 in US and on November 18 in UK and Europe


Preorders for Nexus 6 will start on November 3 in US and on November 18 in UK and Europe Google has disclosed Nexus 6 that runs Android 5.0 Lollipop and preorders for the handset will start on November 3 in the United Sates and will be available in United Kingdom and Europe on November 18. […]