Research: Pokies apps could be a gateway drug or ‘the methadone of gambling

Empire State Tribune

Researchers are investigating whether wildly popular poker machine apps are a gateway drug to future addiction or a methadone-type substitute to wean gamblers off the habit. In fact, the boffins at Central Queensland University’s Experimental Gambling Research Laboratory think they could be both. They’re launching a study to find out just what effect faux gambling apps, […]

Letting Our Emojis Get in the Way


For some emoji enthusiasts, there’s always room for a new icon on the keyboard. Taco Bell is helping lead the charge to add a taco. Several publications have suggested their own additions. And more than 15,000 supporters of the redheaded community are campaigning for representation on Now, Jeremy Burge, emoji afficianado and founder of a […]

Twitter To Now Celebrate User Birthdays With Balloons!


If you give Twitter this extra information, you have control over whether it’s public knowledge or not. Twitter’s latest update adopts one of Facebook’s most useful features. (How else would you remember your friends’s birthdays?) Add your birth date to your Twitter profile, and the social network will bombard your page with animated balloons on […]

FBI Uses Social Media To Find Family Of Women Who Has Lost All Memory


Images of a lady went viral on social media in a search for her identity. Interpol, FBI and other law enforcement agencies posted her description on the Internet hoping to find anyone who knew her. Darrell Foxworth, a special agent for the FBI in San Diego said Investigators have interviewed her and taken her fingerprints. […]

Celebrate Gay Pride: Here’s How To Get A Rainbow DP!


Have you been noticing your Facebook news feed  become colorful with rainbow profile pictures? Mark Zuckerberg  just launched a new ‘celebrate pride tool’ that allows you to show solidarity for the concept of ‘equality’ in Marriage, and this arrives just about 2 days from Newyork’s annual gay pride parade. The CEO and founder of Facebook […]

Scientists To Receive New Message From Space Within A Few Hours


The chance to hear from Philae comes every 12.5 hours, but the lander isn’t always able to send back information. The previous communication was not that good but the one coming up is going to be a good candidate. The Rosetta team are aware that Philae has collected a good amount of data, but now they […]

How dolphins choose their own friends and why: You’ll be surprised to know


The study was conducted at the Indian River Lagoon (IRL) in the past six and a half years, exposed that bottlenose dolphins exhibit a preference and avoidance behavior, just like humans,  dolphins have associates they like and others they elude. “One of the unique aspects of our study was the discovery that the physical dimensions […]

Twitter Debilitates Injurious Trolls with Record Lockdown


Social site will likewise request that clients erase hostile tweets. TWITTER WILL Bolt Out oppressive clients from their records in the most recent measures to guarantee wellbeing on the informal organization. The move seeks two strategy changes. The organization is presenting a requirement alternative that will permit its support group to bolt harsh Twitter represents accounts, […]

Spears Detonated F-Bomb in Vegas Show


The 33-year-old vocalist was probably outraged after a man shouted calling her “Fat B*tch!.” Spears was inquiring as to whether they needed another melody when the gentleman interfered. The artist turned her back and proceeded onward to the following tune amid her Las Vegas show as though nothing happened. Be that as it may, in […]