While You Were Snoring: Trillion dollar Asteroid Brushes Passed Earth


You wake up one morning to find an asteroid floating by your window – and not just any asteroid, but one worth a trillion dollars! Freaky? And yet NASA reports that Asteroid 2011 UW158 passed by at six times the distance between Earth and the moon – still relatively close for a future asteroid mining […]

Jim Carrey Apologizes to Family for Posting Autistic Boy’s Photo without Permission


After going on a Twitter rant against a new California vaccine legislation this week, the ‘Truman Show’ star posted a picture of an autistic boy without seeking the family’s permission – landing him in some trouble. He later posted an apology to the family of Alex Echols of Eugene, Oregon. In one of his tweets […]

UN: 1/3RD Of The World Lacks Proper Sanitation


If you live in a third world country with poorly developed sanitation, then you’re extremely lucky to have a proper toilet system. According to the UN World Health, one third of the world’s population still lacks this basic commodity we take for granted in the West. If you still don’t value your toilet enough, go […]