Avril Lavigne Speaks Out About Her Emotional Battle With Lyme Disease!


Avril Lavigne has been unwell for the past two months without knowing what was wrong with her; even the doctors could not diagnose her health condition. In an interview aired on the morning show, Good Morning America, the pop star speaks out about her battle with Lyme disease. She becomes quite emotional when she recalls […]

Septicemic Plague Causes Sudden Death after 16-Year Old’s Birthday


According to health officials, a grade 11 student suddenly died after contracting a rare plague strain. While health officials investigate, rumor has it that the recently deceased student, Taylor Gaes, caught the disease, believed to be septicemic plagues, from the fleas on animals from his family’s land. According to Larimer Count Health officials, this incident […]

RMSF Epidemic hits Arizona – children account for half the lives lost – preventive measures could help illnesses


Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF), also known as blue disease, is the most lethal and most frequently reported rickettsial illness in the United States. It has been diagnosed throughout the Americas. The disease is caused by Rickettsia rickettsii, a species of bacterium that is spread to humans by ‘Dermacentor’ ticks. Initial signs and symptoms of the […]

Lyme Disease is something to be cautious about


  In the Northeast and upper Midwest, Lyme disease should still be on your radar.  Dr. Brian Stephens with Little Black Medical Bag  states, Florida is still home to ticks. Stephens stated, “We do have an endemic in Florida we tend to have more in Florida than other places in the southeast.” In 2013, there were […]

Kansas Man Succumbs to Togothovirus, is First Human Victim.


U.S. Health authorities are trying to find the connection between the anew virus strain to the death of Kansas man who got sick being bitten by a tick. He died two weeks later after suffering from organ failure. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday that it’s cooperating with Kansas health officials in […]

These Guidelines May Just Save You From Getting Infected by the Deadly “Bourbon Virus” Which May Have Claimed One Life Already.


The latest collaboration between the Kansas Department of Health and Environment yielded positive results concerning the role played by both mosquitoes and ticks in spreading the new Bourbon virus. Just this past summer, a Kansan allegedly died of the said virus. The virus was named Bourbon, which was the county of the first victim. The […]