Reclusive ‘Rare Beaked Whale’ Washes Ashore in Massachusetts


Swimmers and sunbathers were shocked to see an uninvited guest this Friday as a 17-foot-long female whale weighing almost a ton washed ashore on Jones Beach in Plymouth, Mass. Unfortunately, the whale was dead by the time it washed ashore and beachgoers couldn’t help the poor animal return to the water. These toothed whales are […]

Warning: Sharks Swimming near you!


Bad news for swimmers this 4th of July. Warning signs are going up from Rio del Mar to New Brighton Beach State Park as a large group of sharks swarm the waters at SeaCliff State Beach. So if you want to have a fun-filled day at the beach then better stay out of the water! […]

Beware: The beach is one place where one gets infected with antibiotic-resistant superbug, study


In the first research of its kind, researchers at the University Of Exeter Medical School took a look at the measure of water ingested amid watersports to gauge individuals’ exposure to bacteria resistant to antibiotics. “Antibiotic resistant bacterial infections pose a serious threat to human health. It focused on the prevalence of E. coli and […]