Suntory Whiskey To Get Aged In Space!

Empire State Tribune

The best whiskey in the world may soon be able to call itself the best in the universe   Japanese beverage giant Suntory Holdings Ltd. announced plans this week to send six samples of its highly praised whiskies and other alcoholic beverages to the International Space Station to study the effect zero gravity has on […]

Why The $100m ‘Alien Listening Project’ May Be A Huge Waste Of Time

Empire State Tribune

New hunt for alien life: Professor Stephen Hawking and Russian billionaire back $100 million quest to find ET by 2025 A new search for intelligent alien life using two of the world’s most powerful telescopes has been launched by leading scientists including Professor Stephen Hawking. The telescopes will scour one million of the closest stars […]

Spotted: 100,000 times Brighter Auroras Than Jupiter, Unraveled by Astronomers Outside The Solar System


Brilliant ‘alien’ auroras 1 million times brighter than any of those on Earth have been spotted by astronomers outside the solar system. So far the only brightest known auroras came from Jupiter, which has the most powerful magnetic field in the solar system. In comparison, these newfound auroras are more than 10,000 times — and […]

Ancient Huts in Africa Explain Earth’s Periodic ‘Pole Reversal’


Earth’s magnetic field in known to flip from time to time – with the north and south poles being turned upside down. However, scientists do not know more about this intriguing phenomenon, until now. A new research, analyzing ancient huts in South Africa has cracked the mystery. When the huts were ceremoniously burned they preserved […]

The Hubble Telescope is Being Replaced: New Advanced 2030 Telescope to Cost a Staggering 9 billion in Construction


In the quest to look for extraterrestrial life, scientists are making way for a much advanced version of the Hubble Telescope. The new telescope is expected to be five times bigger and a 100 times more sensitive than the current telescopes NASA is using. However detailed descriptions of the new mysterious prototype are yet to […]

Here’s Why The ‘Pluto Flyby’ Is So Special


As New Horizons gets closer to Pluto, the pictures are getting better. The probe’s latest picture, released on Saturday, has given scientists more information about Pluto, which is described as a dwarf world. The new picture, although black-and-white reveals a band of patterned terrain extending 1,500 km around the globe. Despite having discovered Pluto is […]

 Life On Mars Caught In Opal Deposits?


A new study conducted by the University of Glasgow provides evidence for life forms on planet Mars. Researchers have discovered traces of opal gemstones on the surface of the Red Planet. Scientist Martin Lee and his team examined a Martian meteorite that had fallen in Egypt in 1911 by using a scanning electron microscope. The […]

Rosetta Baffled Scientists By Sending Data Of Massive Sinkholes On Comet 67P!


Rosetta spacecraft send back data on Wednesday which shows some massive sinkholes on Comet 67P, the size of Egypt’s Great Pyramids. Comet 67P is also known as Churyumov-Gerasimenko. A study published in the journal Sciences states that scientists have theories that the pits were formed when material on the comets surface collapsed but as to […]

UFO-Conspiracy Theorists Question As NASA Abruptly Cuts Off Its News-feed!


Is NASA trying to hide extraterrestrials from us? Social media has gone viral over the fact that the You Tube video captured by the global Space Station shows the presence of UFO’s. NASA cut the live feed from the global space station abruptly. It isn’t clear what is on the video but it has triggered […]

#PlutoTime- NASA Promotes New Trend On Social Media


NASA has recently launched a new tool on its website showcasing ‘Pluto Time’ to the visitors of the website. Space fanatics who will never get the chance to step onto Pluto’s icy surface can now get opportunity to see the time on Earth as the illumination of the two celestial bodies corresponds. Pluto is 3 […]