Pope Francis ventures into Climate change, Politics – and now Latin America – Addresses Third World Problems


Pope Francis may be revealing a new side of the Roman Catholic Church by his bold ventures into politics – whether climate change, income inequality or shining light on the battle between the US and Cuba.“Before Pope Francis, the Catholic Church was out of reach,” said Rosario Zuñiga, a volunteer at a church here who […]

Importance of Termites and Its Role to the Ecosystem


  We may be too hasty on dealing with termite problems in our homes.  Yet this new findings on how they actually help our environment may alter some of our opinion . Researchers from Princeton University found that termites can actually prevent the deterioration of the soil through their homes . Researchers said that those […]

Dogs Arrived in American Continents 10,000 Years Ago Using the Bearing Land Bridge According to the University of Illinois Reseacrh Team


  In the recent study made by the University of Illinois scientists’ on the carcasses of ancient dogs from North and South America, they found out that the arrival of dogs in the American continents may have been much later than what was previously believed. That’s 10,000 years to be exact. The research also revealed […]