The Works’ new study reveals: Australian women are the biggest liars on social media platforms

Empire State Tribune

While everyone has probably been guilty of exaggeration or telling the odd white lie, a new study has found that Australian women are more deceitful than men when it comes to what they say on social media.The Deceit Algorithm, truth, lies and brand trust in social media research carried out by Sydney advertising agency The […]

What does the Semicolon Tattoo Stand for? ‘This too shall pass’


Project semicolon is trending. Motivated by her own struggle with depression and suicide, Amy Bleuel started the campaign back in 2013 – its a “faith-based non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and love to those who are struggling with depression, suicide, addiction and self-injury,” She decided to turn the semicolon into a symbol of hope […]

Godzilla- like Snapping Turtle Freaks People Out in Russia! Far, far away from Home


‘It’s Godzilla’ ‘The Dinosaur invasion’ Frightened cries and gasps were in the air when a snapping turtle crawled out of the river in the Russian Far East. It has now been shared a million times on social media. The spiked turtle was found on the banks of the Amur River near the Leninskoye settlement, part […]

FBI Uses Social Media To Find Family Of Women Who Has Lost All Memory


Images of a lady went viral on social media in a search for her identity. Interpol, FBI and other law enforcement agencies posted her description on the Internet hoping to find anyone who knew her. Darrell Foxworth, a special agent for the FBI in San Diego said Investigators have interviewed her and taken her fingerprints. […]

Should Teens and Adolescents Be Restriced To Social Media? ‘Cyber Bullying’ Is Causing Major Depression!


Adolescents are the biggest target for cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is when a teen or a child is targeted through the internet and tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated and embarrassed by another teen or child.A definate link has been found between cyber bullying and depression in adolescents. Researchers, after reviewing 36 studies, found that nearly a […]

Man Crusades through almost 7,000 shares on Facebook to Reunite with Childhood Nurse


At age 10, Gary Bentley had to undergo open heart surgery but it isn’t the agony, or the terror he remembers from his hospital stay in 1973. “There was a nurse when I came out of intensive care,” according to Bentley of Killen, Alabama. “She was on my floor right after I recovered and she […]

Twitter acquires Niche Project to boost ad revenues


In its bid to grow its user base and drive growth even further, popular micro-blogging social media platform Twitter recently completed the acquisition of New York-based social media advertising network startup Niche Project Inc. The deal’s financial terms were not disclosed. Started back in 2013, Niche Project, like some other advertising platforms, serves a channel […]

Are We Really Sleepwalking Towards An Epidemic Of Adulthood Addiction?

education and internet concept - students looking at their phone

Get this. You are asked to give up some habits, and on the list are texting, using the social media and consuming junk food and alcohol. Which one would you give up? You could go without all these for one day, right? But can you last one month? According to the research conducted by the […]

Facebook Launches News Feed Updates To Reduce Click-baiting Headlines And Show More Link Posts


Facebook releases new updates to News Feed, targeting the stories with click-baiting headlines and link posts to provide interesting and relevant content to users and also help them see the shared posts in the best formats. Publishers post stories either with click-baiting headlines or link posts. The former encourages users to click the link—whether it’s […]

Twitter’s Transparency Report Shows Increase Of Global Requests


Twitter published its 5th biannual Transparency Report on Thursday, showing the constant increase of global requests from government agencies worldwide. There was an increase of 46% for account information requests from the first half of this year (January – June 2014) with a total of 2,058 of information requests, 3,131 user accounts were specified from […]