NASA: Pluto’s moons are going to get ‘geeky’ sci-fi names!


While people get excited as new updates on Pluto emerge, astronomers are busy thinking up names for it’s moon. And yes, those names are going to be geeky! NASA has kept the naming process public. Predictably, the result was a dream for sci-fi fans everywhere. According to the International Astronomical Union – the official governing […]

Mission Saturn: NASA’s Cassini to Capture Images of 2 Icy Moons


NASA’s Saturn-orbiting Cassini spacecraft will get its final look at two icy moons of Saturn— one famous and one shrouded in mystery. It will fly by the erupting moon Enceladus three times, checking out its plumes in the best detail to date. And it will take one last look at the moon Dione. While Pluto […]

NASA ‘Windbots’ to Explore Jupiter’s Complex Atmosphere


It is almost impractical to beat NASA in the space race. Not only is it the only agency to have ever reached every planet in the solar system, it’s now introducing windbots or Wind-Powered Robots, to explore Jupiter and other planets. The vehicles will maneuver through turbulent and dense gases that these planets harbor – […]

NASA: All Systems Ready to Make Fly-Past of Frozen Dwarf Planet Pluto


Despite having discovered Pluto is part of the solar system a long time ago, we’ve never had a detailed look this frozen wonderland. Even with the Hubble space telescope this planet looks like a pixle-ated, blurred smudge. The plant is 4.8bn km away and so small about two-thirds the size of the Earth’s moon. However, […]

Scientists Hopeful To Find Saturn’s Exact Age With The Help Of Sandia’s Z Machine


Scientists are excited to start determining Saturn’s exact age through findings from Sandia National Laboratory’s Z Machine. Saturn has puzzled researchers about its precise age because of its distinct behavior. Other planets have known to cool with age, but Saturn cannot be linked to temperature because it is much hotter than scientists expect it to […]

NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft Transmits Freaky Images of Saturn’s moon Dione (see one)


NASA’s Cassini spacecraft whizzed by Saturn’s moon Dione to capture image freaky streaks thought to be canyons with ice walls up to 100 storeys tall. The images it captured from that close pass are incredible. Cassini snaps a surprising shot showing Saturn looms in the background, where moon Dione positioned perfectly for its host planet’s […]

NASA’s Cassini Probe May Have Found Another “Earth”


One of Saturn’s moons, Titan, may have an atmosphere uncannily similar to earth, at least according to scientists. By looking at data from observations across the years by the Cassini probe, scientists found that there were interactions in Titan’s atmosphere that got nitriles and hydrocarbons blown into space from the planet’s poles. These patterns bear […]

Sinkholes On Earth Found To Be Similar To Lakes On Titan?


Saturn has many moons; its largest moon called Titan, has now been founded to have many common things to Earth. Titan like Earth, has rainfalls, rivers, oceans, a thick atmosphere, rocky ground and in a new discovery it also has polar winds. NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has been researching Titan since 2004 and has collected data […]

NASA’s Cassini In Close Proximity With Saturn’s Moon: Dione!


On June 16th NASA’s Cassini spacecraft came super close to Saturn’s moon Dione. It was only 321 miles away from the moon’s surface. The region was first observed by NASA’s Voyager mission 35 years ago and the possibility arose that the bright wispy streaks could be extruded onto the surface by ice volcanoes. Sharp visuals […]

Mystery resolved; Polar Cyclones may be caused by Thunderstorms on Saturn


The hurricane like features at Saturn’s poles and what drives these storms and makes them persist for so long has been a mystery for decades. The giant vast polar cyclones are likely to be driven by the thunderstorms in Saturn’s atmosphere. This research could help astronomers study atmospheric phenomena on exoplanets. We know that on […]