Samsung glamour days over-as it fights to save mobile market share

Empire State Tribune

Seoul, Korea: The success of its Galaxy smartphones, making billions of dollars competing with Apple Inc in the premium mobile market. The coming years are set to be more sombre for the South Korean tech giant, as it is forced to slash prices and accept lower margins at its mobile division in order to see […]

Apple and Samsung in Talks With Telecoms to Launch e-SIM Card


The GSMA, a group representing several mobile carriers across the world, is currently in negotiations with Apple and Samsung for the launch of electronic SIM cards. So-called e-SIMs would allow customers to switch between carriers almost instantly, without the need to get a new physical SIM from their carrier. Carriers across the world, including AT&T, […]

Samsung Note 5 Design Leak; Is There Any Surprise Awaiting Us?


Some renders have emerged that suggest Samsung’s “other” flagship phone will see only minor hardware revisions in its latest iteration. The Note 5, it appears, will follow closely from the Note 4. But honestly, that’s a really good thing. With the Note phones, what Samsung has managed to do is spearhead a new part of […]

Report: Samsung and Oppo dragged to court by Shanghai watchdog!


Samsung and Oppo sued for preloading smartphones with bloatware apps. The Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission has announced that it has taken legal action against manufacturers such as Samsung and Oppo over their practice of pre-installing apps on their smartphones.A growing number of consumer complaints against Samsung and other smartphone makers has pushed Shanghai’s Consumer […]

Samsung May Beat iPhone This Time! Find Out How We Know..


It’s no secret that iPhone and Samsung have been long term contenders. Apple has always out done its self when it comes to user friendly features. Few years ago iPhone was praised so much so for its battery life that every Tom dick and Harry would buy an iPhone and not some android/google operating system […]

Is Samsung and Microsoft Having soft-ware Conflicts?


Earlier this week Samsung announces its patch-work problems with Microsoft, the Korean company addresses its concern of privacy and software security stating that they have created a software tool which allows Samsung desktops to automatically block any update coming for Microsoft software updates. Samsung claims that it will stop disabling updates from PCs and tablets, […]

SAMSUNG’s Gear VR headset upgrade: Perfect fit for the S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge


Needed to get in on the smartphone-powered VR game without utilizing a generally enormous Samsung Galaxy Note 4, your time has finally come. Samsung has disclosed price and availability information about its new Gear VR headset that is compatible with Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones. The value stays at 200 USD, much the […]

Microsoft and 3 its Allies to Gang up on Google, Loosening its Grip on the $19 Trillion Android Market


Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) (NASDAQ: GOOGL) may regularly appear like a powerful monster, yet one of its center shortcomings is the fracture of Android. Android is an open source working framework, which implies that anybody can adjust it. (NASDAQ: AMZN), for instance, supplanted Google’s administrations with its own particularly in Android to make Fire OS. […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Will it Bend


Will the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge bend? Of course it will. But does it bend easily? That’s the doubt of SquareTrade, gadget-insurer, aspired to answer in its controversy-strewn bend promotional video. It give rise to a headline this weekend by taking a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone, putting it in what they call a “bend […]

Samsung may have Hired Spectators to Show Up during its Galaxy S6 Launching Affair in China according to A Shanghai Newspaper


Samsung has denied a report that it paid individuals to display as fans at the launch event for its new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge telephones in Shanghai, China. The Paper, a Shanghai-based news company, asserted that up to a large portion of the 1,000 actively present people were sourced by a selection representative […]