Mars Journey: NASA Space Camps Can let your kid reach for the Stars!


Think you have what it takes to make it to the red planet? NASA is organizing space camps for young enthusiasts who want to go into space this summer and a few lucky ‘chosen’ ones will get to join the US missions, including Mars. Thousands of children will gather at the Kennedy Space Centre (KSC) […]

Bacon Replacement? Bacon tasting Sea weed is super healthy!


It’s a translucent, red seaweed that has the taste of bacon, but with great health benefits. Called ‘Dulse’ this may become the next breakfast item, replacing the oh-so-yummy but unhealthy bacon. A group of researchers in Oregon are behind the new super food which is being described as an exceptional source of vitamins, antioxidants and […]

Red-eyed after a dip in the pool? CDC says it’s Urine, not Chlorine!


If you love swimming, then beware…you might be swimming in more than just plain chlorine water out there. If you’d ever had to deal with irritated, red eyes in the pool know that it has little to do with chlorine. The true cause is nitrogen in urine binding to chlorine to form chloramine—a derivative of […]