Pope Francis ventures into Climate change, Politics – and now Latin America – Addresses Third World Problems


Pope Francis may be revealing a new side of the Roman Catholic Church by his bold ventures into politics – whether climate change, income inequality or shining light on the battle between the US and Cuba.“Before Pope Francis, the Catholic Church was out of reach,” said Rosario Zuñiga, a volunteer at a church here who […]

Pope Francis emphasizes how fragile and important human life is to Mediterranean nations


“Attack against life” was what Pope Francis called to the act of letting migrants die at sea, parallel to abortion or euthanasia, the pontiff said. The  ability to “protect life during its most fragile stages” and not just technological advancement  have been the measurement of a civilization’s progress, the pope said as he talked to […]

Study Suggests That, in one mind with  Pope Francis, Catholics Believe in Climate Change 


   While Catholics are traditionalists, they are adherents to environmental change and they are also finding ways to avert this change. “By and large, we find that Catholics – 24% of all American grown-ups – are more persuaded that a dangerous atmospheric deviation is occurring, they are more stressed, and are more steady of approach […]

Al Gore: ‘Denial Industry’ Should be Penalized


Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore has recommended that the deniers of climate change must be penalized during his talk at the main convention in Texas. The ecological advocate, moreover, suggests that officials who neglect climate change science must be penalized too. Gore addresses at Austin, Texas’ South by Southwest (SXSW) group of conventions and event, figuring out that shareholders are […]

Pope Francis May Have To Walk on Water to Solve the Nagging Climate Change Problem


  Another pronouncement from the most popular pope, Pope Francis, will definitely make everyone listen. But despite his popularity, there will always be people on the opposite side of the spectrum. While the speech has still to be made, predictions of entanglement with the conservatives is expected to take center stage in an important meeting […]