Can Europa ‘Ocean Discovery’ Give Way To Alien Life?

Europa Ocean

Europa’s fabled ocean has influenced science fiction movies and actual space missions equally — and till date  we aren’t even sure if it exists. NASA’s curiosity is touching cloud nine now, it lately greenlit a mission to Europa which will optimistically resolve the matter for good. According to sources the space agency has recently produced a tremendous video explicating why we should worry about it. […]

NASA: Pluto’s moons are going to get ‘geeky’ sci-fi names!


While people get excited as new updates on Pluto emerge, astronomers are busy thinking up names for it’s moon. And yes, those names are going to be geeky! NASA has kept the naming process public. Predictably, the result was a dream for sci-fi fans everywhere. According to the International Astronomical Union – the official governing […]

Proof of Alien existence at last? Mysterious ‘Haze’ Seen Above Ceres’ Bright Spots


We’ve been so focused on Pluto we’ve completely ignored another dwarf planet closer to the sun, tucked deep inside the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter: Ceres. NASA’s Dawn spacecraft just spotted something spectacular about the planet! Mysterious bright spots were seen sparkling on the planet as the Dawn mission approached the […]

Back with a bang, Pluto leaves a mark!


NASA’s planetary scientists boost claims of supporters of Pluto’s readmission as a full-blown planet in our solar system. Data revealed Pluto to be geologically active, creating new features on the surface by glacier plains of nitrogen ice. “With flowing ices, exotic surface chemistry, mountain ranges, and vast haze, Pluto is showing a diversity of planetary […]

NASA Boffin: Time for Pluto to be Crowned ‘Planet’ Again…


NASA’s New Horizons has sent exciting waves in the astronomy world by revealing a side of Pluto never seen before. Latest images from the mission reveal the planet is not just an icy, inert wasteland at the edge of the solar system – in fact it is geologically active, with new glacier plains of nitrogen […]

NASA: New Pluto Images Reveal A New ‘Living’ side to Pluto…


“Pluto has a very interesting history, and there is a lot of work that we need to do to understand this very complicated place,” New Horizons principal investigator Alan Stern said during a press briefing Friday. You would imagine the last item at the back of the fridge wouldn’t be as exciting – however, it […]

Latest update from NASA: Pluto has a tail?


NASA: The New Horizons Mission is full of intriguing surprises. At first we spotted a fascinating bright ‘heart’ on the dwarf planet, and now researchers have revealed that Pluto has vast “cracked” icy plain and also a potential tail caused by the escaping atmosphere. Opening a press conference, Jim Green, director of Planetary Science at […]

Frozen “Carbondioxide Ice” Bull’s Eye Spotted on Pluto! Terrain is bizarre and unexpected


U.S. Space Agency NASA continues to release more images of the surface of Pluto – the latest ones reveal smooth, frozen plains. Close-up photographs of the vast plains were released Friday – several days after the first set of pictures from the New Horizons mission revealed a range of icy mountains as high as 3,500 […]

New Horizon’s Flyby; Mind-blowing Pluto has ice mountains and water


With Pluto in New Horizons‘ rear view mirror, it’s time to fly to its next destination: the Kuiper Belt. Months before New Horizons zipped past Pluto, scientists identified three potential targets in the Kuiper Belt that the spacecraft could observe. The likeliest target is named PT1, and New Horizons could fly past it in 2018 […]

‘Complex’ structures Discovered on Pluto!

Artist’s impression of Pluto and Charon

As excitement around success of Pluto Flyby starts to settle, more detailed images of the planet are being released by NASA. In the latest image from the New Horizons spacecraft, Pluto is being revealed as an intriguing new world with distinct surface features. Scientists have spotted a 1,000-mile-long stretch of ‘complex’ terrain, alongside some unexplained […]