2030 update: 8 Million People Killed By Smoking!

Smoking kills

The statistics are scary: Smoking related deaths are going to be more than the combined fatalities from AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that deaths from smoking are going to increase to 8 million a year by 2030 unless additional anti-smoking measures were taken to prevent it. WHO Director-General, Margaret […]

Philippines: Second Case of Mers Alerts Authorities


MANILA, Philippines: Health Authorities report that a 36-year-old foreigner from the Middle East has been placed under quarantine after testing positive for the MERS virus. While the patient’s home country has not been immediately disclosed, people who may have come in close contact with the foreigner are being tracked according to Philippine’s Health Secretary Janette […]

Washington is worried about China’s Bullying Tactics Against Tiny Countries in the Southeast Asia


President Obama stated that Washington is worried about China using its “sheer size and muscle “to belittle those smaller countries in the South China Sea. It was only a matter of hours after Beijing gave an itemized safeguard of its formation of manufactured islands in the challenged conduit. China’s quick recovery around seven reefs in […]

Denied a Working Visa because of son’s autism, a Filipino mother could be facing deportation


A 10-year-old boy and his mother who have lived in Australia for almost a decade could be deported, because the government thinks his autism could be a burden to taxpayers. Maria Sevilla moved to Australia from the Philippines in 2007 with the hope of building better life for her and her 2-year old son. She […]

Battle on the Campaign to Launch Golden Rice

A campaign to allow golden rice for tackling Vitamin A deficiency in children, was launched on March 16. Headed by co-founder of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, the campaign for the golden rice was launched in the Philippines on March 6 and in Bangladesh on Wednesday. In India, it will begin in New Delhi and then extend […]

The Measles Infection Is Spreading Slowly But Surely, When Will It End


The number of measles cases is growing slowly but surely. The infectious disease is still out of control. The official tally according to the CDC is already up to 154 patients in 17 states including the District of Columbia U.S. health officials revealed. The number of cases last week was 141. There is an increase […]

The Department of Health: No End In Sight for Measles Outbreak Which Remains Largely Uncontrolled


The Disneyland measles continues to spread. There’s still no end in sight for the outbreak. More cases are being reported in several places where it managed to infect. The number of people who are afflicted by the virus have grown to 123 in California alone. Additional 26 cases from seven other states along with Canada […]

The Measles Virus that Hit Disneyland Last December 17 and 14 other Countries Has its Alleged Origin From the Philippines


The Philippines is again in the center of the news and for the wrong reasons. California health officials suspect that the origin of the measles virus that hit Disneyland last December was from the Philippines. The virus shares the same genetic material as the most common kind in the Philippines, LA Times reported. The virus […]

The Issue: Disneyland Measles May Eclipse the 2014 Outbreak


  Measles continue to spread In California, particularly in Alameda County, where 30 infants were placed under isolation for a suspected measles infection which has its origin in Disneyland last month. In Santa Clara County, two new cases have also been confirmed and another two in San Francisco Bay area, the Los Angeles Times reported. […]

Pope Francis Landed Safely in the Philippines Ready to Fight Climate Change: “Man Has Slapped Nature in the Face”


  The Eagle has landed. The pope is in Manila right now for his first and historic visit in the Philippines, Asia’s first and only Christian nation. His main purpose is to visit the victims of super typhoon Haiyan also known as Yolanda by the locals in Tacloban City. The sun was shining and not […]