Teen Girl’s Nose-Bleed’s Bestows All Three With The Diagnosis Of…


ABC News: In 2013 Crystal Enns’ had a nose-bleed that was consecutive and left her parents super distressed. Later, the Doctor diagnosed the teen with a critical kidney disease called ‘juvenile nephronophthisis.’ that startled the entire family. National Institute of Health states that the disease leads to “inflammation and scarring of the kidneys and ultimately leads […]

California Senate Passes Bill: All People Need Vaccination

The Californian senate passed a bill that reverses the exemption given to the parents who did not wish to be vaccinated based on their beliefs. The bill makes it compulsory for all the students to be vaccinated, therefore those individuals who wish to be vaccinated would have to choose the option of home schooling. The […]

Physically or Sexually Abused While Dating Affects 1 out of 5 U.S. Teen Girls


A new study finds numerous America teens – both boys and girls – fall as targets to physical and sexual abuse. The study found among youngsters who dated, one in five young  girls and one in 10 boys said they’d been misused in any event once amid the previous year. Most teenagers who reported physical […]

The Amount of Money You Have is Directly Proportional to Your Stress Level  


Money is the root of all problems. No, this is not the same from the Bible. In the Bible, Paul was telling his young acolyte Timothy, love of money is the root of all evil. It’s not only money that stresses Americans now days, there’s job, family and of course, health. However, lack of money […]

Suicidal Tendency Is Five Times Higher In Children Whose Parents Committed Suicide


We have all lost a loved one, but death is particularly harsh on those who have experienced someone close commit suicide. Children who experienced their parents commit suicide are more likely to be depressed and follow the same path as their parents. The latest research published in the journal, JAMA psychiatry, by the researchers of […]

An app that will not allow kids from disregarding the calls of their parents


A user-friendly app and available only in Android phones, Ignore No More, is curtailed to help parents steer clear from worrying about the whereabouts of their children. Nowadays kids aren’t obliging as they keep on getting busy with their friends and/or hobbies, often going home late or ignoring their parents’ calls. But this is about […]