New Dinosaur Species Found in South Africa- ‘Sefapanosaurus zastronensis’ – Hiding in Plain Sight!


The fossilized remains of the 200-million-year-old herbivore have been part of South Africa’s largest fossil collection at Wits University since they were found in the 1930s. But it seems like it has just been discovered! The dug up dinosaur was initially thought to be a South African dinosaur titled ‘Aardonyx’. However, as reported by the […]

Exoplanets with circular orbits may have the same earth-like atmosphere where alien life may be possible


According to scientists, exoplanets the same size as earth orbit their own star the same way Earth orbits our sun. This can help them find and identify planets that potentially have extraterrestrial life. Scientists were debating whether our own planet’s orbit was the exception or the rule. To set the question to rest, Scientists from […]

Ovarian cancer latest detection process is twice as effective in saving cancer victims


A new screening method for ovarian cancer is developed which can detect the cancer cells in twice as many women against traditional strategies. The study, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology states that ovarian cancer is often diagnosed when already in an advanced stage. But outcomes now from the world’s largest screening trial of […]

Xperia Z4: The Fancy Added Features of a New Development


Sony has declared another lead cell phone, the Xperia Z4 – yet the handset doesn’t stray much from the specs of its forerunner. The Xperia Z4, which ought to be hitting the racks this late spring, offers a couple of refinements contrasted with last year’s Xperia Z3, including a more intense front-facing cam for better […]

Tag Heuer mulls over unveiling a smartwatch brand to rival Apple’s wearable device

Swiss watch maker company Tag Heuer is bullish on its intention of coming up with a smartwatch to contend toe-and-nail with Apple Watch and other vaunted wrist-worn devices available in the market. In order to join the foray Tag Heuer might resort to whipping up an acquisition to realize its plan says the company’s chief Jean-Claude […]

New Google Drive apps update on Android and iOS gets added boost


Google has released the new Google Drive features on its Gmail, along with the updates on Android and iOS platforms. The Gmail attachment support is now live online, the same with the iOS app update which is now available on Apple’s App Store. Now users can share their files in Google Drive through Gmail as […]