FBI Uses Social Media To Find Family Of Women Who Has Lost All Memory


Images of a lady went viral on social media in a search for her identity. Interpol, FBI and other law enforcement agencies posted her description on the Internet hoping to find anyone who knew her. Darrell Foxworth, a special agent for the FBI in San Diego said Investigators have interviewed her and taken her fingerprints. […]

New insight about memory loss: Possible treatment for long term memory loss


In one of the recent studies conducted in the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), a ground breaking discovery has been made and that has led to a greater understanding of the way the mind works in creating memories and storing them. According to the lead author, David Glanzman who belongs to the departments of […]

Stroke Alert: If You are A well Educated Person and You Start Suffering from Memory Loss, You Are A High Stroke Candidate


Have you felt absentminded anytime these past few days? Do you keep on forgetting a lot of things? Please read on. This article may just help save you from stroke. The things discussed here were based on a clinical research. So what is dementia anyway? It’s a broad term for a brain disorder that leads […]