Study: Predator Mosquitoes Can “Smell” out Tasty Humans


Perhaps, the most annoying sound of summer is the buzzing of a mosquito hovering near you as it struggles to get close enough to draw blood. How to shake it off? Well, scientists are now closer to explaining how scent, sight and heat are working in tandem to lead these blood sucking parasites to humans. […]

UK Green Space Loss Blamed On Celebrity Gardeners


UK citizens are finishing their garden lawns and turning them into patios, this has contributed to a loss of 7% of UK green space since 2001. Huge chunks of green spaces are paved over in UK cities every year, areas seven times the size of Hyde Park! The CCC’s experts suggest local councils are not […]

‘Fasting Mimicking Diet’ Improves Health; Reduces Aging, Diabetes and Heart Diseases!


Update: The research further reveals fasting can greatly reduce the chances of aging, diabetes and other heart diseases as confirmed by Dr. Donald Hensrud M.D. “Fasting Mimicking Diet” was introduced by University of Southern California researchers and they proved that people who fasted for three months had incredibly reduced their risk for aging, cancer, diabetes […]

Fitbit One: Research Says Great New Way To Lose Weight


Recently launched into the market and already creating quite a stir, the Fitbit One system is a health and well being chronometer. Scientists are particularly interested because of the high price tag that comes along with it, since there are many varieties available in the market at much cheaper rates. So what makes this different? […]

Humanity Headed For Extinction ?


Scientists claim that humans might be heading for a sixth global extinction. The journal Science Advances published an analysis of the catastrophic loss of global biodiversity. There have been warnings since decades and the loss has risen to the kind of scale witnessed during the five previous global extinctions, the last one being when the […]

Violent Volcano Erupts As Indonesians Flee  


A violent volcano erupted in western Indonesia causing more than 10,000 villagers to flee their home’s. Officials declared Mount Sinabung on Sumatra Island, as a danger zone to the highest level in the beginning of June after detection of an increase in activity. The volcano which was dormant for two years came to life erupting […]

Elderly Beware! Financial Scams Target The Aging American


Elder abuse is probably the most under rated of abuses in individuals, but the sad truth is that it’s quite common. June 15th being the day of elder abuse awareness. Elder abuse is any form of mistreatment that results in harm or loss to an older person. The personal losses associated with abuse can be […]

Optogenetics works like a switch: You can either turn it on or off depending if you want the memory or not


A new research suggests that  ‘lost’ memories are just hiding in the brain waiting to be re-discovered  again, well in mice, anyway.  A published study by researchers in Science last Thursday mentioned their success in reactivating  memories they had blocked. The research indicated that in retrograde amnesia, memories that are lost due to brain trauma, […]