Back with a bang, Pluto leaves a mark!


NASA’s planetary scientists boost claims of supporters of Pluto’s readmission as a full-blown planet in our solar system. Data revealed Pluto to be geologically active, creating new features on the surface by glacier plains of nitrogen ice. “With flowing ices, exotic surface chemistry, mountain ranges, and vast haze, Pluto is showing a diversity of planetary […]

‘Complex’ structures Discovered on Pluto!

Artist’s impression of Pluto and Charon

As excitement around success of Pluto Flyby starts to settle, more detailed images of the planet are being released by NASA. In the latest image from the New Horizons spacecraft, Pluto is being revealed as an intriguing new world with distinct surface features. Scientists have spotted a 1,000-mile-long stretch of ‘complex’ terrain, alongside some unexplained […]

NASA: New Horizons Final Look At Pluto’s Dark Spots Revealed


NASA’s New Horizons has captured its last and best photo of Pluto’s four mysterious dark spots – lying on Pluto’s far side, always facing the dwarf planet’s largest moon, Charon. The last shot was taken on Saturday, from a distance of 2.5 million miles (4 million kilometers). The new photo is “the last, best look […]

Here’s Why The ‘Pluto Flyby’ Is So Special


As New Horizons gets closer to Pluto, the pictures are getting better. The probe’s latest picture, released on Saturday, has given scientists more information about Pluto, which is described as a dwarf world. The new picture, although black-and-white reveals a band of patterned terrain extending 1,500 km around the globe. Despite having discovered Pluto is […]

NASA: Bright Spots On Pluto Mystify Scientists!


The images were obtained by combining pictures from the probe’s high-resolution, “black and white” camera, Lorri, and its lower-resolution, colour imager known as Ralph. What is outstanding in the picture that pops out are four dark spots on the 2,300km-wide dwarf planet. Each spot is about 500km across. Quite why they should be so similar […]

The Non-Spherical Shape of Pluto May Help Restore its Planetary Status


Telescopic Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) on May 29-June 2 captured images showing Pluto to be a multifaceted world with areas of intermediate brightness in between and ultra bright and ultra dark terrain. The captured images are the best views ever obtained of Pluto’s planetary system. A technique called deconvolution was used by New Horizons […]

The ‘Ball of Ice’ is Once Again in the Limelight: NEW HORIZONS CLOSES IN ON PLUTO


After more than nine years in space, an expedition taking it farther to its main destination than any mission before it, NASA’’s New Horizons spacecraft is within one astronomical unit of Pluto. New Horizons launched on Jan. 19, 2006, scientists have had a very long wait finally to get close-up views of their object. As the […]

Pluto: The Last Frozen Frontier of the Milky Way Is Preparing a Warm Welcome for the Arrival of the New Horizons


NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, sent some of its first awesome photographs of Pluto back to Earth as it continues to close in on the frozen planet. The pictures according to NASA were taken while the New Horizons Spacecraft was just about 203 million km away from the trans-Neptunian ice dwarf. The New Horizon’s long range […]