Volvo S60 Cross Country: Features, reveals, launching and more

An amalgam of SUV and standard family car, the crossover vehicle is fast becoming popular. The newly fangled S60 Cross Country vehicle is not just a standard crossover that has the best of each world but also boasts of an assuming looks and grace. Cross Country has been provided with extra space as its height […]

Samsung unveils another content managing app named Milk VR to stream 360-degree video to VR headset


South Korean consumer electronics giant has just unveiled its new app which it dubbed as Milk VR on Tuesday. The new app allow the users to download and stream free 360-degree videos to watch using Gear VR headsets. The caveat, it is restricted only with the company’s Galaxy Note 4 phone but still it is […]

Software development kit WatchKit” for Apple Watch will debut on November 2014


Apple is truly on a roll after few days of launching its vaunted iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 the technology company is also set unveil the highly anticipated Apple Watch along with new fangled “WatchKit” software development kit. Several weeks ago Apple hit the jackpot with the release of its flagship phones (iPhone 6 […]

Microsoft’s cutting edge Windows 10, an amalgam of Windows 7, Windows 8 and more


Software behemoth Microsoft finally disclosed the name of its highly touted new operating system to the public and it is coined as Windows 10 not Windows 9 as speculated by many tech experts. Microsoft opted for the brand name Windows 10 to highlight the technological advances and impressive features of the new operating system. Microsoft […]