Professor Charles Xavier joins Ocean Alliance to help collect Whale ‘Snot’?


The famous Star Trek actor, popular for playing Professor Charles Xavier and famously referred to as Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise, is moving on to new exciting ventures. The actor is partnering with Ocean Alliance to raise money to help conserve whales. The star who is good friends with a guy named Dr. […]

Mars One Takes 2 In A Couple of Years, Will It Still Be Viable Then


Often, haste makes waste. Is this the case here with Mars One. Was the program fast-tracked? Or is it the lack of funding that did the mission in? While a target is still in place, is it attainable or just a piece of window dressing to cover up where the project will end up: in […]

Explosive Kittens: A blockbuster and record-breaking card game in Kickstarter


Countless individuals are truly in love and fond of cats and the testament of this is the explosive Kickstarter campaign of the Exploding Kittens which even shattered the existing record held by Ouya. Exploding Kittens card game was up whipped by the triumvirate of Xbox game designers Elan Lee and Shane Small and The Oatmeal’s.  The Exploding […]

Finally Kickstarter kicks its way on the iPad

Kickstarter has just made an update on its iOS app that now covers the Apple’s iPad. The new 2.0 version release can now be downloaded directly from A and comes with some enhancements that are especially built for Apple flagship phones (iPhone 6/6 Plus) Apple’s App Store. Kickstarter creators Brandon Williams and Zack Sears the app […]

Kickstarter’s “Clockwork Kingdom” Is A Must Try

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Kickstarter’s “Clockwork Kingdom” features an amazing story line. The king has unexpectedly died and has left his entire kingdom without a successor. Now the question is that who will be the next successor? This situation results in a civil war, and the kingdom is in a state of a civil war as important ladies and […]

Kickstarter’s “CodeSpells” – Game Full of Magic

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  This epic game allows the players to craft their own magical spells. Instead of giving the players prepackaged spells; this game gives an ultimate spell crafting sandbox. Kickstarter’s “CodeSpells” provides a coding interface where you can specify exactly what the spells will do. This interface is intuitive enough for players who have never coded […]

Kickstarter’s “Band Saga” – Game Full of Music

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Love music? If yes, then you will surely love this game. The story of Kickstarter’s “Band Saga” is a story of two friends who have extreme love and passion for music and have a dream to become a rock star. But, their this dream is not easy to achieve as what they thought would be […]

Kickstarter’s “Smoke and Glass” – An EPIC Steampunk

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Kickstarter’s “Smoke and Glass” is an epic steampunk urban fantasy setting. This unique setting welcomes the players to explore the city of Kroy. In the game, the players play the role of Kroy’s diverse citizens, as they fight to claim their place on the dangerous streets of this mean city. Smoke and Glass features different […]

Kickstarter brings “IronCast”


Kickstarter’s “Ironcast” is set in an amazing alternative history game. The game is about the time when refined men and women in top hats and bonnets commanded huge walking war machines and also lay waste to the enemies of the British Empire. This game gives full freedom to the players. In the game, the players […]

Kickstarter Presents “Age of Grit”

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Kickstarter’s “Age of Grit” is an amazing game about a ship, her captain, and her crew. The game holds a brilliant spice of fantasy technology, steam powered airships, clockwork contraptions and floating fortresses. This technology will be advanced but in a cowboy style, with everything using steam power, gears and pistons to operate. “Age of […]