NASA: Earth’s Twin is Mission Impossible!


Our home away from home is too far away it seems. A return journey might not be a possibility. However, could it be worth a risk to venture out that far into the universe? While NASA scientists continue to fascinate us with exciting, awe-inspiring revelations – claiming there are, roughly, a billion Earths in the […]

Discovering appropriate habitat for “Earth’s bigger, older cousin”


The spotting of an “Earth like” planet by the Kepler spacecraft of NASA led to an announcement made by the officials which said that the newly found planet can have the possible conditions to support alien life. Being 1400 light years away from our home planet, Kepler-452b as called by the officials, holds alarming similarities […]

NASA: Kepler Mission Gives Birth To Another Earth Out There!


First they discovered Jupiter’s twin, now NASA has discovered Earth’s doppleganger titled ‘Kepler-452b’. Located in the constellation Cygnus, about 1,400 light years away, it is estimated to be about 60% larger in diameter than Earth. Scientists have yet to determine its mass and composition, although previous research of similar-sized planets insinuates its most likely to […]