NASA makes top news yet again, this time it’s a ‘wind-bot’

Engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, are taking a shot at a probability in which they can make a wind-bot; an automated test, which can stay above water in a planet’s environment for quite a while. The wind-bot will demonstrate greatly gainful for gas titans like Jupiter and Saturn. NASA has been […]

Proof of Alien existence at last? Mysterious ‘Haze’ Seen Above Ceres’ Bright Spots


We’ve been so focused on Pluto we’ve completely ignored another dwarf planet closer to the sun, tucked deep inside the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter: Ceres. NASA’s Dawn spacecraft just spotted something spectacular about the planet! Mysterious bright spots were seen sparkling on the planet as the Dawn mission approached the […]

NASA ‘Windbots’ to Explore Jupiter’s Complex Atmosphere


It is almost impractical to beat NASA in the space race. Not only is it the only agency to have ever reached every planet in the solar system, it’s now introducing windbots or Wind-Powered Robots, to explore Jupiter and other planets. The vehicles will maneuver through turbulent and dense gases that these planets harbor – […]

NASA: Kepler Mission Gives Birth To Another Earth Out There!


First they discovered Jupiter’s twin, now NASA has discovered Earth’s doppleganger titled ‘Kepler-452b’. Located in the constellation Cygnus, about 1,400 light years away, it is estimated to be about 60% larger in diameter than Earth. Scientists have yet to determine its mass and composition, although previous research of similar-sized planets insinuates its most likely to […]

Doppleganger Race: Jupiter Clone Spotted Chasing Solar Clone!


Nature is full of twins, and looks like planets have them too. Scientists recently discovered Jupiter and the sun share the same galaxy as their very own doppelgängers. Interestingly, ‘HIP 11915’ – the sun-like star that not only resembles the sun, it also shares the same mass and even the same age. And the same […]

Detroit: Jupiter and Venus Degrees apart in the Night Sky; Put on Bright Spectacle


The stargazers of Detroit are sure in for a treat tonight! It’s going to be a cloudless night – ideal weather conditions for to watch the stars twinkle. And the celestial spectacle of the night: Venus and Jupiter on full display in a rare “double star” appearance. The planets have been drawing closer to each […]

Oklahoma: Jupiter and Venus will put on spectacular show this week…


Venus and Jupiter have been inching closer together in the western sky in the evening this month. Astronomers at Sky & Telescope claim that they are now the brightest spots in the sky – after the Sun and Moon of course! On June 1st, they were 20° apart in the sky, about twice the width […]

NASA Anxious To Send Mission to Reach Jupiter’s moon ‘Europa’ in Search of Life!

SPACE: Jupiter's moon Europa

“There is too much evidence right now lying around on the surface — the red stuff — that suggests that something’s going on there,” Claudia Alexander, who was mission project manager of the Galileo spacecraft, which circled Jupiter and its moons in the 1990s, said in the clip. “Is that an environment that is habitable […]

NASA’S Next Mission Into The Alien World Of Europa


The research conducted by NASA of Jupiter’s moon Europa, has been successful in its first mission and is now gearing up for its second phase of the mission, which is to move into the developmental phase known as formulation. NASA’s mission is to search for existence of life on Europa. John Grunsfled, associate administrator for […]

Jupiter And Venus Put On A Show; June 30th Is The Day!

All throughout the month of June 2015 you have to be looking up in the sky after the sun goes down for two bright planets, Venus and Jupiter, are going to converge! A speculator sight to witness because these planets are so bright you can see shining through the twilight. Best time watch is early […]