Water At Some Olympic Venues In Rio de Janeiro Reportedly Contain Virus Levels On Par With Raw Sewage

Competitors contending in one year from now’s Summer Olympics here will be swimming and sailing in waters so polluted with human excrement that they hazard turning out to be fiercely sick and not able to contend in the recreations, an Associated Press examination has found. An AP examination of water quality uncovered perilously abnormal amounts […]

Report: Some Detroit-zone clinics not doing what’s needed to avoid disease


Doctor’s facilities should improve their patients, however some may be making patients wiped out. Another arrangement of healing center ratings from Consumer Reports says nine of the Detroit range’s biggest doctor’s facilities aren’t doing what’s necessary to keep patients from contracting contaminations amid doctor’s facility sits tight. Henry Ford Hospital, University of Michigan Hospitals and St. […]

UN: 1/3RD Of The World Lacks Proper Sanitation


If you live in a third world country with poorly developed sanitation, then you’re extremely lucky to have a proper toilet system. According to the UN World Health, one third of the world’s population still lacks this basic commodity we take for granted in the West. If you still don’t value your toilet enough, go […]

Latest WHO Report On Ebola Is Cause for Alarm: Unsafe Local Burial Practices In Guinea Have Started Another Round of Ebola Infections


Ebola may not be much in the news these days but it doesn’t mean that the virus i dying a silent death. Several new cases are reported to have come up last week. This is according to the World Health Organization. The encouraging development for several weeks has been spoiled by this latest rise of […]