Government May Revoke Ban on Porn, May Block Sites Only On ‘Child Porn’

Empire State Tribune

The government is planning to set up an ombudsman to keep a check on pornography and other objectionable content on the internet — a move that would be a non-starter right from the start, according to independent experts. This comes within a day of the Centre ordering the disabling of 857 websites.     NEW […]

Mysterious Glistening ‘Hair Ice’ Are Literally Produced by…


‘Hair ice’ have puzzled scientists for a long time as to their origin, they have been bursting out from between rotting tree branches. Alfred Wegener, famous for his continental drift theory, first identified and studied hair ice in 1918. At the time, he theorized the ice formation might be connected to the presence of mycelium […]

UN: 1/3RD Of The World Lacks Proper Sanitation


If you live in a third world country with poorly developed sanitation, then you’re extremely lucky to have a proper toilet system. According to the UN World Health, one third of the world’s population still lacks this basic commodity we take for granted in the West. If you still don’t value your toilet enough, go […]

UN Credits India For Managing To Reduce Its Defecation Rates And Imporving Resources Of Drinking Water


The United Nations reported that India has made progress in decreasing the defection rates in the country. More people in urban and rural areas now have access to improved quality of drinking water. One out of every three or a total of 2.4 billion people on Earth are still without access to sanitation facilities, these […]

WHO-China Worse Off Than India In Terms Of Air Pollution


World Bank reported that China remains number one on the list of countries with the most air pollution. It is is significantly much more polluted than India, with levels of hazardous PM 2.5 particles. Who reported that China was seven times more than the annual mean recommended. China’s mean annual exposure to PM 2.5 particles […]

21 June 2015 Marks The Beginning Of International Yoga Day


The first International Yoga Day was celebrated on Sunday all over the world. Millions of people came together to practice the Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline. From places like the New York City’s Times Square, the Paris’s Eiffel Tower and even locations in Afghanistan, South Korea, China and Kazakistan. Yoga is a practical aid, not […]

Indian Cricket Authority Playing Games To Avoid Pakistan Cricket Tour


Every time The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) needs support from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) there is agreement on almost all scenarios and the prospects seem better than relations with any other board or country. But, as soon as the objective is achieved the attitude of the BCCI turns all so […]

Nurses issues in India, to be addressed by expert committee


The Heath Minister of Thiruvananthapuram V S Sivakumar said the government will soon create an expert committee to look into the problems and issues confronted by nurses and nursing students in government hospitals around  the state. At the nurses’ day celebration inauguration on Tuesday, he said, the committee will be required to submit its report […]

Preventive surgery for Cancer feasible in India


Angelina Jolie has flipped open her journal to the page in which she uncovers that she has, by and by, experienced surgery to avert a potential growth. As of late, the 39-year-old Hollywood on-screen character and movie producer had her ovaries and fallopian tubes uprooted, as a preventive measure to cut the danger of the […]

Flash sale of Xiaomi Mi 3 available on Republic Day of India


In honor of India’s Republic Day fast-rising mobile handset maker Xiaomi will let its flagship phone Xiaomi Mi 3 go on sale exclusively through Flipkart tomorrow January 26, 2015. The Chinese company posted robust sales last year thanks to its high-end yet very affordable smartphones and it is perfect time to start the first month […]