No proof that dirty water made Rio rowers ill: officials state

There is no confirmation that anomalous levels of infections or microbes in the water brought on rowers contending in Rio de Janeiro at the weekend to fall sick, US and worldwide cruising authorities told Reuters yesterday. The Associated Press reported that 13 individuals from the 40-part US group fell sick after the World Junior Championships, a […]

Early tests idealistic, long haul Apprehensions hold on

Colorado’s top well-being authority flagged that the 3 million gallons of spilled waste water that polluted the Animas River a week ago may not represent a well-being danger. The substantial metals-loaded contaminants turned the Animas River a shade of mustard fit for a Crayola colored pencil box. Apprehensions of genuine well-being dangers immediately surfaced, yet […]

Thailand Now MERS Free As Experts Declare The Only Man Free Of The Deadly Disease


Health Ministry gave a clean bill of health to the one man in all of Thailand who was the known case of the deadly MERS virus. A 75-year-old Omani citizen was declared free of infection on Friday. Health officials conducted five laboratory tests on the man, living little chance for the virus to go unchecked, […]

‘Crypto’ Can Survive Upto 10 Days In Water


People wait all year long for summer and to have some fun in the sun. With the heat increasing many people are jumping into the water to cool off. But warnings have emerged from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about a parasite called cryptosporidium, which can survive in chlorinated water. 1,788 people have […]

A Light That Kills Bacteria ?


In the 2015 annual meeting of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, a light fixture was introduced that can kill micro-organisms in the air which are known causes of hospital-acquired infections, including Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, C.difficile and Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus. Called Indigo-Clean, it emits an indigo-colored light that gets absorbed by molecules within […]

Bottled Water Recalled For After Finding It Is Contaminated


Shaw’s natural spring water available in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont is being asked to be taken off the shelf’s because it is thought to contain E.coli. E.coli is a type of bacteria that is found in the intestines of people and animals and can cause intestinal infection. Symptoms of E.Coli infection […]

Bird Flu Will Worsen If USDA Faces Budget Cuts Of $500 Million


Bird flu, as the name states, is a viral infection that affects birds and can be transmitted from bird to bird and can affect humans. Humans are known to be affected through handling of infected chicken, turkeys, ducks etc. It cannot be transmitted through consumption of cooked chicken or cooked eggs. Signs and symptoms of […]

Longer Waiting Lines For US Veterans Compared to Last Year While They Seek Health


In 2014 a scandal over false records and extremely long waiting times created havoc in the Department of Veterans Affairs, 40 veterans died waiting for care. Since then the number of veterans that go on waiting lists of minimum one month is more than 50 percent. The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA or DVA) […]

Warning Of A Meningitis Outbreak Ahead Of Pride Week Amongst Bisexuals


National health officials warn of a growing meningitis outbreak in bisexuals. The word meningitis in itself means inflammation of the membrane. Meningitis can be life threatening due to the fact the membranes surrounding the spinal cord and the brain get intensely swollen. Symptom seen in patients affected with this disease are fever, headaches, nick stiffness, confusion, […]

Hawaii Pioneers Smoking Ban Being The 1st US State to Ban Smoking Under 21 Years of Age.


Hawaii has become the first U.S state to raise the legal smoking age. On Friday Hawaii’s governor passed a bill raising the legal age limit for smoking to 21. This law will become effective from start of the New Year – 1st Jan 2016 – including banning the sale, purchase or use of electronic cigarettes […]