Malarial deaths outrun Ebola death toll in Guinea


When the Ebola outbreak escalated in 2014, visits to health centres in Guinea fell by about 42% in the worst affected regions of the country, with many people hesitating from seeking medical help out of fear of contracting the epidemic, said a report published in the medical journal Lancet Infectious Diseases. “One problem is that […]

Traditional burial rites: The culprit behind the resurgence of Ebola in Guinea


Blindly following traditions can often be the downfall of many. That’s what’s happening in Guinea right now. The Ebola virus is starting to rear its ugly head again. People have seemed to have forgotten how contagious the disease is, that mere touching can often lead to getting infected. In some countries like Guinea, touching the […]

Justice Served: Guinea Ebola Health Group Executioners Sentenced to Life Imprisonment


Eleven individuals have been sentenced to life in jail in Guinea for killing eight Ebola specialists, while another 15 have been vindicated, legal sources told AFP on Wednesday. The exploited people, including neighborhood wellbeing authorities and columnists, turned up gone after their assignment went under assault from furious local people amidst an outreach visit toward […]

Guinea sees no immediate signs of  being declared Ebola free, Liberia and Sierra Leone nearing its end


The West African nation, Sierra Leone and Liberia both seem to have overcome their fierce clash with the deadly virus as near its end. But in Guinea, where Ebola hasn’t wreaked that much havoc, compared to the other 2 nations, is where the Ebola epidemic has not abated but remains stubbornly entrenched. Since the death […]

Sierra Leone’s President Koroma Ordered a Three-day Nationwide Lock-down Against Ebola

Ebola in West Africa

Ernest Koroma, President of Sierra Leone requested the nation’s whole populace Saturday to stay in their homes for 3 days in an offer to stem the spread of the lethal Ebola scourge. “All Sierra Leoneans must stay at home for three days,” President Koroma declared, extending a past request for a lock-down in the capital […]

Just When We  Think it’s Safe A new case of Ebola surface in Liberia after Weeks of Hiatus


Liberian officials hope of finally beating the deadly Ebola virus have come to fruition, as the first new case of Ebola infection in the country has been spotted, after weeks of hiatus. Health officials say the patient has been relocated to an Ebola treatment center in the capital, Monrovia. Their last Ebola patient was discharged […]

Infected 16 Americans Returning From the Ebola Zone: Is this a Case of Overconfidence or Breaking the Protocols


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday, that no less than 15 Americans were infected with Ebola from a solitary U.S. health worker and have been conveyed back to the United States. They all work for Partners in Health, a charitable organization that has been helping battle the Ebola widespread in West Africa. […]

With Liberia Now Ebola Free, Vaccines Will be Tested in Guinea Instead


Liberia has become Ebola free last week. With no more patients to receive the Ebola vaccine testing, the drugs will be used in Guinea instead. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) may move its clinical trials of Ebola vaccines to Guinea because there are insufficient Ebola cases in Liberia for a proper effectiveness trial. The […]

Ebola is not Waning and it’s too Early to tell the Outbreak has Ended, WHO


For the people of West Africa, these several weeks have seen the ebbing of Ebola cases. However the disease refuse to go without a fight. It continue to infect albeit fewer number of people. Health workers were also infected and so was the the vice president of Liberia.  For the past several months, West Africa […]

The Ebola Virus is Staging a Come Back in West Africa and Health Experts are Helpless to Stop It


The situation in Sierra Leone remains fluid. The Ebola virus is not going away without a fight. Just when everything seem to point in the right direction, sparks of new cases pop out from time to time. Is this a normal situation or are we in for a surprise? The plague that swept through the […]