A consumer group wants Google to give Americans ‘the right to be forgotten’


A consumer advocacy group is urging the US Federal Trade Commission to investigate why Google has not given American internet users the “right to be forgotten.” In 2014, a European court mandated that Google remove search results from individuals when asked, if the results are irrelevant, outdated, or otherwise inappropriate.  In a letter sent today […]

Google Chooses To Experiment Self-Driving Car In Austin Tx


After years of experimenting with its groundbreaking autonomous vehicle technology almost exclusively in California, Google confirmed Monday that it has begun testing one of its self-driving vehicles in Austin. A white Lexus RX 450h SUV outfitted with the company’s sensors and software began making trips without the aid of a driver in the city within […]

What’s Google Glass 2 Going To Be Like? Find Out…


Looking for a new version of Google Glass, you might have to wait a little. It seems that Google have filed a patent application with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for its new Google Glass Version 2. So far California-based Google has not made any official announcement about the new version of its wearable device […]

Google Gives Out Free One Plus Cardboard Cutout!


Google has a new technologically developed aspect added to is genre. Google Expeditions, a Cardboard app that’s designed to take kids on a virtual-reality field trip to faraway places. When Google announced a do-it-yourself virtual reality kit made of cardboard at its I/O developer conference this week, one of the first questions people asked was: Is […]

Marissa Mayer: Yahoo Search Results Spotted On Google!


Google’s organic and paid search results have been spotted on Yahoo this week in a test that has since been confirmed by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, according to the New York Times. Despite having an agreement in place with Microsoft’s Bing, Yahoo has the freedom to enhance its own search experience on any platform. Yahoo […]

Google launches ‘Help’ tool for a good Android phone


Want good advice for a good android phone? Google has a new tool to help. The new tool is at google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly and it basically gives you a pass or fail grade. Either it tells you that you are mobile friendly or you are not mobile friendly. The messages I was able to generate include: Awesome! […]

Google’s Driver-less Car ran into 2 Accidents in June, Humans Falsified Again!


Google’s autonomous cars were once again involved in accidents while out mapping the streets of Mountain View, Californa, But in both instances, as with the dozen or so previous incidents over years of testing, humans in other vehicles were at fault, according to Google. The search company released its latest autonomous-car monthly report Wednesday, detailing […]

Google & Firefox continue Competing; But we really know whose the better Browser!


Google chrome is one favorite like no other and you can’t deny it. Although it has strong contenders such as Safari and Firefox. Firefox however being the bigger contender has failed to beat Chrome out of its spotlight and is unable to get the attention from the browsing market.   In the past year Google […]

Google Apologizes After Making The Photo-Tagging Blunder! 


Earlier this week, when Google algorithm mistakenly called black people gorillas, they experienced a serious whirl of embarrassment as it labelled the couple as ‘Gorilla’ by creating into an album. The automatic software channels recognition on spot based on facial characteristics such as auto recognition of cars will then be found if you type ‘cars’ […]