NASA: Mysterious fireball spotted in Georgia was space junk


While many were quick to get excited after a mysterious object lit up the night sky in the southeast, NASA soon quelled any UFO, alien rumours by explaining that it was just space debris entering in the Earth’s atmosphere. People described it to be a bright fireball with lights streaming behind it. The flash didn’t […]

Therapeutic Marijuana is Now Legal to use in Georgia as the Governor Signs it into Law

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Individuals with seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis and other sicknesses will be permitted to utilize a non-smoking type of medicinal cannabis in Georgia after the state’s Republican governor signed a measure sanctioning the medication on Thursday. At the same time patients still may think that it hard to acquire the cannabis oil for their treatment, supporters […]

CDC Has Its Hands Full Dealing with Flu, Ebola, and Maybe Measles


    The flu infection is getting worse every minute as more and more states are reporting a surge of flu cases in their own localities.  The Centers for Disease Control says that the flu infection could be more severe this time compared to last year. More than 15 deaths have been reported so far. […]