NASA’s NuStar Exposes Five New Black Holes Shrouded in a Cloud of Dust

A stellar-mass black hole in orbit with a companion star located about 6,000 light years from Earth.

First there were the dazzling psychedelic images of the Sun, now NASA’s orbiting telescope NuSTAR has discovered five super massive black holes previously enshrouded and hidden within clouds of gas and dust. It’s a spectacular sight to witness. Black holes are places where ordinary gravity has reached an extremity that overwhelms all other forces in […]

Galaxies die by being choked to death, but the process still remians a mystery, according to astronomers


The galaxies we see falls on either one of the two groups: “alive”, this means that a galaxy is still capable of creating stars and “dead” if not. But how do galaxies die? A new report by astronomers at the University of Cambridge, distributed in Nature, says that the galaxies were slowly strangled to death […]

Scientists were able to measure the distance of the farthest galaxy in the universe by using Photometric redshifts technology,


The Astrophysical Journal by Pascal Oesch of Yale University and his co-authors have reported an interesting discovery. Astronomers can look at the galaxy in its beginnings using the new measurements. Despite of its relative infancy, it’s already about one-sixth as huge as the Milky Way— which is a 10-billion-year-old galaxy— and it is getting larger, […]

Cosmic Waves Breathe New Life to Dead Galaxies


Galaxies are regularly found in clusters, which contain what are called “red and dead” associates that quit making stars in the past. Presently new research has found that giant intergalactic waves can breathe new life into these dead galaxies. To clarify this occurrence, the global group of stargazers contrasts systems with that of urban communities, […]