Washington State is in its Worst Influenza Season in 5 Years with More than 20 People Dead and Tallying


The deadliest influenza season in Washington State in no less than five years is slowing down, yet it is not yet over. State Health Authorities say state labs have affirmed no less than 120 influenza passing since the season began in September, however just a small amount of the individuals who passed away  from this […]

CDC Is Issuing Rosy Reports About the Present State of the Flu Season as Three More Kids Die In Wisconsin!


  Is the flu season on the way out? Health officials reported on Thursday that the infection has peaked already and is on the decline. With more children ported dying in Wisconsin, it seems its too early to predict the flu season down turn. Texas has seven so far. With 2 deaths already, Wisconsin has […]



The New Year visited the rest of us with a major positive blow in the field of medicine and research. However, this year proved to be pivotal for research in the field, especially in relation to vaccines. Flu shots have been highly prescribed as pivotal vaccines when it comes to protecting pregnant women and their […]

Minnesota Department of Health: “This Year’s Flu Season Has Been Proven Fatal to Kids.”


  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC has confirmed three deaths so far due to flu infection. The three victims were all children, according to the press release. Minnesota health officials made an announcement that there are seven children undergoing treatment at the ICU of St. Paul’s Children Hospital. The Flu season […]

What Are the 5 Steps to Take After You Receive the Flu Vaccine?


  Prevention is still the best option when it comes staying healthy. If, despite everything, you still get sick, early treatment is another alternative to get rid of the disease immediately. Flu season is here and there’s been an increase in the number of cases this year. Flu vaccines will work more effectively if they’re […]