Leprosy outbreak due to Armadillos?


Yes, to everyone’s surprise leprosy is still around the corner. Florida lately has seen nine leprosy cases so far this year, but typically only sees an average of four annually, according to the Florida Department of Health. The experts however state that the reason behind this may be… Armadillos. As reported by the Centers for Disease […]

What Triggered The Space-X Rocket To Explode?


Company CEO and founder Elon Musk, revealed on Monday the reason behind the explosion of SpaceX Falcon 9 initially after launch. The rocket was meant to resupply the international space station (ISS) which has astronauts from both the US and Russia. A faulty strut inside the booster’s upper stage is said to be responsible SpaceX […]

Poisoning from Fish consumption on the rise, Hispanics at greatest risk!


The number of fish poisonings are dangerously on the rise, according to a new study published in American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. It might be safer to double check the next time you go ‘fishing’ next and or decide to have fish for supper. Hispanics show the highest number of cases in Florida,most […]

Fourth casualty from ‘Flesh-eating bacteria’ – 26 year old Florida man dies after taking a swim


Vibrio Vulnificus is back. Nicknamed ‘flesh-eating bacteria’ this scary-sounding bacteria frightened off way too many tourists and holiday makers from the beaches of Florida two weeks back. However, the fear may not be unreal as a 26 year old Florida man has died after contracting the bacteria while swimming in the Gulf of Mexico off […]

Officials Trying To Subside Panic Amongst Floridians Over Flesh Eating Bacteria


The flesh eating bacteria called Vibrio strikes fear in the public. Health officials in Florida are taking measures to ensure that people know that it is not as exaggeratingly life threatening as it seems. From late May when news about cases of Vibrio vulnificus bacterium starting spreading the whole state was clouded with fear. The […]

Neemo Mission: NASA International team dive deep into the Atlantic Ocean!


Underwater habitat maybe the closest to zero gravity conditions of outer space according to NASA. If you’re one of those crazy, space enthusiast who can’t wait to hop onto the next rocket ship headed for the Moon, then start your dream with deep sea diving! National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is once again venturing […]

First Slimy Looking Flatworm ‘New Guinea’ Likely to spread all over the US!


United Sates – A slimy looking flatworm has been spotted for the first time ever and is likely to spread all over the country, a new scientific research states. New Guinea flatworm or a more complex name Platydemus manokwari, has been reported in many places in the Pacific Area and France. These are the first […]

Florida Gets Americans Scared! First, ‘flesh-eating bacteria’, now the ‘Carnivorous Guinea Flatworm’


Entitled the ‘New Guinea flatworm’, this flatworm is considered one of the most invasive species in the world. Unfortunately is has found a new home in the dense trees of Florida and it may just as well spread to other states if not controlled. A slimy slug-looking specimen – scientific name Platydemus manokwari – it’s […]

Space Florida Obtains Largest Runway From NASA


NASA officials will hand over the KSC – Kennedy Space Center – shuttle landing strip to Space Florida for the next 30 years. Space Florida is a government agency created to expand the space industry and will use the landing strip as a testing ground for new companies and technologies. The formal handing over will […]