Salem becomes First To Open Medical Marijuana Dispensary-Patients Get Full Access To The Medical Drug!


“Patients have waited to access marijuana for medical purposes for far too long,” Baker said in a statement. “This waiver will allow industry laboratories a little more time to reach full operation while providing safe amounts of medical marijuana for qualifying patients who need it.” Medical science continues to disapprove the idea of ‘medical cannabis’ […]

Hawaii is First State to Raise Legal Smoking Age to 21, Others Might Follow


Last Friday, the Hawaiian governor signed a bill that raised the legal smoking age in the state to 21, making Hawaii the first state to implement such measures. Though the law has been signed, the effects of the law, which ban the sale, use, or purchase of even electronic cigarettes to anyone under the age […]

Warm Blooded Fish: Opah, Discovered by Scientists


A fish called Opah has been discovered by the National Oceanic Administration, it is the first fish that circulates heated blood in its body. The fish circulates heated blood in its body by constantly flapping its fins. The fish shows the similar warm blooded characteristics as birds and mammals. Unlike most of the fishes in […]

First Dartmoor stone circle found in more than a century fits the ancient pattern, according to archeologists


The first stone circle to be found on Dartmoor for more than a century fits with the pattern of a ‘sacred’ arc of stones found along the north-eastern edge of the National Park, as identified by archaeologists who say the relics delineate the level of arranging and contacts among at the communities at the site […]

Women Power: For ESA astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti, It might be more than just drinking a cup of space-espresso


The European Space Agency or ESA astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti, the first ever Italian women to venture into space, sipped a cup of coffee brewed on board the ISS. This alternative concept of being able to suck beverages or fluids out of a bag, is used in the innovative designed microgravity cups as part  of the […]