Xperia Z4: The Fancy Added Features of a New Development


Sony has declared another lead cell phone, the Xperia Z4 – yet the handset doesn’t stray much from the specs of its forerunner. The Xperia Z4, which ought to be hitting the racks this late spring, offers a couple of refinements contrasted with last year’s Xperia Z3, including a more intense front-facing cam for better […]

Microsoft rolls out Lumia 640, 640 XL to make its presence felt in the budget smartphone segment


Microsoft has just boosted it smartphone lineup in the emerging smartphone market like India as it rolls out Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL. The Lumia 640 XL will go on sale worldwide starting in March while the Lumia 640 will be released one month after. The two devices will be available in single-SIM and […]

Infiniti’s QX30 enters the tough yet lucrative small premium SUV niche


Infiniti is in an all-out effort in expanding further its product lineup with its new models and it is aching to join the ranks of luxury brands in the lucrative high-end car segment. Infiniti has just rolled out QX30 in the Geneva Motor Show press conference few days ago and undersized SUVs which are targeted […]

Lenovo comes with ‘cheaper’ and reinvigorated media-rich A8, A10 tablets


Chinese technology firm Lenovo attempts to get back into the thick of things and retain consumer confidence by taking the wraps off its two new fangled Android tablets that are priced reasonably well and at the same time tipped to be teeming with enhanced satiating features. Lenovo would like to bounce back strong after it […]

Toyota unveils hydrogen-powered electric car Toyota Mirai that charges in just 180 seconds


Japanese automaker Toyota has taken the wraps off its very own Toyota Mirai electric car which is powered by hydrogen fuel cells and charges very fast in just three minutes. The Japanese word “Mirai” which means “future,” in English, is a perfect name for the futuristic green car which has sleek appearance, decent features, impressive […]

Cheap $149 Motorola Moto E smartphone, a value-for-money offer


Smartphone maker Motorola has just rolled out its budget smartphone, Moto E, which boasts of impressive features and functionalities. Motorola is zeroing in on penetrating the lucrative Western market with its mobile phones that come with vastly improved innards. The Moto E is LTE-enabled which makes it as enticing bait for low-budgeted users in urban […]

Limited-edition 2015 Petty’s Garage Mustang GT: Glossy, good-looking, fast and powerful


According to the earlier report furnished by Auto World News, car manufacturer giant Ford has just forged a new tandem with Petty’s Garage to come up with the new limited-edition 2015 Mustang GT which has the looks, features and can burn the roads and tracks at a blazing speed. The new fangled 2015 Petty’s Garage […]

Multi-awarded LG G Flex 2 in Sprint and soon in AT&T and T-Mobile |Specs, features, pricing, and released date revealed


T-Mobile had just made a claim that it already surpassed its chief rival Sprint and it is currently the third largest wireless carrier in the United States, behind pacesetter Verizon and second-running AT&T. In a bid to reclaim the third place it once enjoyed over the years, Sprint has recalled its fiery old form by […]

IBM Elemental Path’s Barney-like CogniToy a huge hit


The epic light magenta colored Barney, a famous kiddie show character whose songs and antics were loved by plethora of kids, parents and the young at heart worldwide will have a new rival that is whipped up by Elemental Path that is equally good in providing delight and fun. Elemental Path’s CogniToy dinosaur (a kiddie […]

AT&T wages an all-out war against Google in the Fiber Service niche

How Fast is 1 Gbps?

After Google has made an announcement that it will bring its Fiber service to Austin, Texas, wireless carrier AT&T is set to join the foray as it signified its intention of engaging the search engine giant into a fierce skirmish in the fiber optics communications niche. The third largest wireless carrier in the United States […]