Exoplanets with circular orbits may have the same earth-like atmosphere where alien life may be possible


According to scientists, exoplanets the same size as earth orbit their own star the same way Earth orbits our sun. This can help them find and identify planets that potentially have extraterrestrial life. Scientists were debating whether our own planet’s orbit was the exception or the rule. To set the question to rest, Scientists from […]

The Quest for extraterrestrial life, NASA takes it to the next level


Are we alone? To find answer for this humanity’s deepest question, NASA is taking the hunt for life out of the Earth to the next level. The Nexus for Exoplanet System Science (NExSS), which deals with the study of exoplanets was dubbed by the ambitious endeavor. Jim Green, NASA’s Director of Planetary Science said, “This […]

Earth is by No Means Unique: The Milky Way is Host to Billions (Exoplanets) Like it, Research


The Kepler satellite discovers at a distant, exoplanets (planets not in our own Solar System) by observing if the light curve of a star shows a regular small dip in brightness, indicating a planet obscuring its light as it orbits its host. With this astronomers have found thousands of stars throughout Milky Way. However, this […]