Mission Saturn: NASA’s Cassini to Capture Images of 2 Icy Moons


NASA’s Saturn-orbiting Cassini spacecraft will get its final look at two icy moons of Saturn— one famous and one shrouded in mystery. It will fly by the erupting moon Enceladus three times, checking out its plumes in the best detail to date. And it will take one last look at the moon Dione. While Pluto […]

Enceladus’ “Tiger” Cracks Function as Surface vents for underground water


It was recently observed that cracks appear in Saturn’s icy and sixth largest moon, known as Enceladus. This observation was made with done by scientists with the aid of NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. In their findings, it was revealed that the cracks may have been from a miles high and hundred miles long shield of vapor […]

A massive subterranean ocean is causing all those geysers to explode on Enceladus’ surface, Scientists


NASA researchers said that Enceladus, Saturn’s sixth-largest moon, could possibly have huge drapes of vapor and ice miles high from its surface. They established that what seemed liked isolated geysers on the moon might have been optical illusions of these extensive curtain eruptions. Years ago, researchers assumed that that Enceladus – Saturn’s sixth-largest moon, a […]

Scientists: Enceladus water pH plays a crucial role in determining whether life exists there or not


New discovery from a team including Carnegie Mellon University’s Christopher Glein has disclosed pH of water spewing from a geyser-like plume on Saturn’s moon Enceladus that could support towards determining whether life could exist, or could have previously existed, on Saturn’s moon Enceledus. Enceladus is thought to have a liquid water ocean beneath its icy […]

Ocean on Saturn’s moon resembles habitable lakes on Earth and can viably be able to nurture alien life forms


Saturn’s icy moon of Enceladus subsurface ocean, has a similar makeup to some of the life-sustaining salt lakes found on Earth, a new US study discovery suggested. This small moon, astrobiologists believe, is probably the  best place to look for alien life forms  in the Solar System. Geologically active, this 505-kilometer-wide satellite has  powerful geysers […]

Life as We Know it Exists in Saturn’s Moon Enceladus Most Probably, NASA


Where there is water, there is life, much more when it’s warm. The discovery of an ocean underneath Enceladus may just be the shot in the arm that NASA needs to keep looking for more habitable places in the solar system. Maybe we don’t need to explore outside of our own domain after all. The news is […]