NASA: Kepler Mission Gives Birth To Another Earth Out There!


First they discovered Jupiter’s twin, now NASA has discovered Earth’s doppleganger titled ‘Kepler-452b’. Located in the constellation Cygnus, about 1,400 light years away, it is estimated to be about 60% larger in diameter than Earth. Scientists have yet to determine its mass and composition, although previous research of similar-sized planets insinuates its most likely to […]

Doppleganger Race: Jupiter Clone Spotted Chasing Solar Clone!


Nature is full of twins, and looks like planets have them too. Scientists recently discovered Jupiter and the sun share the same galaxy as their very own doppelgängers. Interestingly, ‘HIP 11915’ – the sun-like star that not only resembles the sun, it also shares the same mass and even the same age. And the same […]