‘Sid’ The Sloth And The Woolly Mammoth Went Extinct As A Result Of Global Warming


A team of researchers claim that rapid climate change thousands of years ago played a pivotal role in the extinction of large animals like mammoths and giant sloths. It’s shocking how these animals – capable of surviving subzero freezing temperatures in the icy tundra – vanished as temperatures rose. The latest research, published in journal […]

3D printing helps create DNA origami…


DNA origami, which seems like the most unusual hobby ever, is a really essential scientific technique: researchers need to have the capacity to deliver intricate structures on the nano-scale, so they can connect with human cells and the atoms that make them up. In any case, it’s hard to make anything that little, not to […]

50-Million-Year-Old Sperm Discovered in Icy Antarctica


Science widely knows that living things like worms and sperms do not fossilize well. However, scientists were in for a shock when they discovered a fossilized sperm from a worm-like creature in Antarctica. The finding was published in the journal Biology Letters on Wednesday. Unfortunately, however, the sperm did not contain any viable DNA which […]

Woolly Mammoths DNA Meticulously Examined


Scientists have finally tracked down the woolly mammoth gene – no, it’s not like Jurassic Park – we are not about to see a laboratory generated woolly mammoth anytime soon. However, isolation of the gene helps scientists understand the genetic foundation behind adaptations such as mammoths’ furry coats and thick layer of subcutaneous fat, said […]

Neanderthals Interbred With Modern Humans In Middle East As Well As Europe!


Our close cousins who disappeared nearly 39,000 years ago were the Neanderthals. Everyone around the world is share about 1 to 3 % of their DNA with the Neanderthals. Scientists found a jawbone in Romania, of a man who roamed the Earth 40,000 years ago, which boasts the most Neanderthal ancestry ever seen in a […]

Son Gift’s Kidney to Father, Great Sacrifice on Father’s Day!


Perhaps, the greatest sacrifice of all, son Nick Kaczorowski is donating one of his kidneys to save the life of his 55-year-old father, Lance. The father who has end-stage renal disease, learned his kidney function had completely shut down leaving him with only three options for survival: undergo dialysis treatments three times a week, wait […]

FBI DNA-matching data glitch: It’s a question of upgrading the system and soon everything will back to normal.


Errors were discovered from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)  database  that  DNA profiles used in determining the DNA of a suspect from a crime scene will likely match, on Saturday. The bureau is “committed to correcting the inaccurate values in a transparent manner,” said the FBI as they provided in a statement to Reuters […]

Smartphones serve as DNA scanners


Diagnosis of disease and infection in the field, mainly in third-world countries is a major challenge, as necessary tools and equipment is not readily available.  But thanks to a new invention, doctors are able to determine an illness by using their smartphone. A scientific team from UCLA quests to make the process simpler and affordable […]

Researchers: The DNA might be the key to prehistoric animal extinctions


In what may be a first for a long-wiped out nonhuman animal — and positively for an extinct animal of such stature — researchers have amassed the complete genome of the woolly mammoth, obtaining insight into why the last surviving populace of the immense beasts, marooned on an Arctic island off the shore of Russia, […]

Scientists Effectively Revise Mitochondria in Human DNA to Extract Hereditary Defects


Scientists at the Salk Organization made use of extraordinarily outlined atomic scissors to alter out bits of mitochondria in the DNA. The tests have been effectively done on mice, leaving sound DNA in place. The examination goes for halting the hereditary move of illnesses in fetuses. Be that as it may, this does raise the […]