In Progress: Europe’s More Than a Year Old Measles Outbreak is Getting Worse, WHO is Suggesting a Massive Immunization Drive to Contain It


  The resurgence of measles has brought a lot of concern not only in the U.S. The highly infectious virus has been creating havoc in Europe. The measles outbreak started early last year and there’s no end in sight yet. There are as of the moment 22,000 cases of the very contagious disease since the […]

The Measles Infection Is Spreading Slowly But Surely, When Will It End


The number of measles cases is growing slowly but surely. The infectious disease is still out of control. The official tally according to the CDC is already up to 154 patients in 17 states including the District of Columbia U.S. health officials revealed. The number of cases last week was 141. There is an increase […]

The Department of Health: No End In Sight for Measles Outbreak Which Remains Largely Uncontrolled


The Disneyland measles continues to spread. There’s still no end in sight for the outbreak. More cases are being reported in several places where it managed to infect. The number of people who are afflicted by the virus have grown to 123 in California alone. Additional 26 cases from seven other states along with Canada […]

The Measles Virus that Hit Disneyland Last December 17 and 14 other Countries Has its Alleged Origin From the Philippines


The Philippines is again in the center of the news and for the wrong reasons. California health officials suspect that the origin of the measles virus that hit Disneyland last December was from the Philippines. The virus shares the same genetic material as the most common kind in the Philippines, LA Times reported. The virus […]

Sen. Schumer Spoke About Measles Vaccines and it Made a Lot of Sense


  At last, something good is coming out of the current measles virus infection mini outbreak. The suggestion of Sen. Chuck Schumer, the good senator from New York, is not only timely but highly sensible. The feds should give free measles vaccination and the supporting booster dose. The comment was made last Sunday. And also […]

The anti vaccine versus Pro vaccine Debate Among Parents Rages On


Over the years this anti vaccine and pro vaccine argument had been going on and is still left unresolved while both parties make their own justification on whether vaccination is safe or not for their kids. Parents who are in to pro vaccine had continually criticized parents who do not approve of the measles vaccine […]

Mickey’s Measles Threatens Kansas City


Yes, it’s Disneyland all over again. The outbreak that launch a hundred measles or will it be thousands soon. The name of Disneyland has been dragged to every places and for the wrong reasons. It’s not the theme parks fault that unvaccinated people wandered to its wonderful parks, castles and space stations. I know Disneyland […]

Measles Infection Protection: To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate, that Is the Question


  The flu season is supposed to be on the wane, but the virus doesn’t seem to know it. Health officials are giving highly optimistic reports that the flu season has reached its peak and is now on the decline. However the number of people being hospitalized and the fatalities are still going up. On […]

The Anatomy of Disneyland Measles Outbreak!


  How many Americans travel outside of the country for various reasons each year? According to research, it’s approximately 10 percent of the population or around 30, 300, 000. They go to other countries for business, vacations, visiting relatives and many other reasons. The possibility of bringing back communicable diseases back home is really enormous. […]

The Disney Measles Outbreak:  Was it from a Visitor or from one of Disneyland’s Employees


  Both sides are heavily entrenched on its others beliefs. The government sees the needs of everyone getting the measles vaccines while those at the opposite spectrum are as eagerly against it. Do you think those people who oppose the vaccination effort of the government pose a great risk in spreading the measles? Are they […]