No proof that dirty water made Rio rowers ill: officials state

There is no confirmation that anomalous levels of infections or microbes in the water brought on rowers contending in Rio de Janeiro at the weekend to fall sick, US and worldwide cruising authorities told Reuters yesterday. The Associated Press reported that 13 individuals from the 40-part US group fell sick after the World Junior Championships, a […]

Rikers Inmate Has Legionnaires’ Disease; Officials Unable to Find Any Link to Outbreak


A Rikers Island prisoner has Legionnaires’ infection, New York City authorities said on Tuesday, rapidly including that it was impossible the case was associated with an episode in the South Bronx that has killed 12 individuals since ahead of schedule July. The 63-year-old detainee, whose ailment was analyzed on Monday, was taken to the correctional […]

Well-being Department: Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak In South Bronx Sickens 31 People


The New York City Department of Health is attempting to get to the base of a flare-up of Legionnaires’ sickness in the South Bronx. There have been 31 cases reported there since July 10, authorities said. Two individuals with the sickness have kicked the bucket, yet it’s not clear if Legionnaires’ was the reason for death, […]

Kid who lost hands to disease gets twofold hand transplant


PHILADELPHIA:  A 8-year-old kid who lost his hands and feet to a genuine disease has turned into the most youthful patient to get a twofold hand transplant, specialists said on Tuesday. Zion Harvey’s lower arms were intensely bound yet his hands were noticeable as he flashed some enormous grins on tuesday at a doctor’s facility news […]

Mers Outbreak


The earth Health Operation (WHO) had previously stated that it is not however completely recognized how people become contaminated with Mers, but at the least 449 people have been reported dead because of Mers. “It is actually believed that humans may be infected via direct or maybe indirect hitting the ground with infected dromedary camels at […]

Swimmers Beware: This is how you can get infected in the pool 


Diarrhea One of the leading causes of post- swim illness is a parasite called cryptosporidium , which leads to diarrhea, stomach pain and nausea. According to the new CDC report, of the 69 outbreaks associated with treated water, more than half were caused by crypto. Symptoms can last for up to two weeks. The parasite […]

UN: 1/3RD Of The World Lacks Proper Sanitation


If you live in a third world country with poorly developed sanitation, then you’re extremely lucky to have a proper toilet system. According to the UN World Health, one third of the world’s population still lacks this basic commodity we take for granted in the West. If you still don’t value your toilet enough, go […]

Liberia Taking All Precautions As Ebola Reappears After 2 Months Of Silence


Liberia has been Ebola free for the last two months, but now with the discovery of a corpse of a 17-year-old boy who died of Ebola, panic has spread through West Africa in fear of another outbreak. The authorities quarantined the area on where the body was found on Tuesday. Tolbert Nyenswah, deputy health minister […]

Drinking Lots Of Water Not Always Good For You – New Study Reveals


A new study reveals that drinking too much water may be harmful to those who exercise. The International Exercise-Associated Hyponatremia Consensus Development released a statement revealing new information informing people about the recommended water intake during exercise. The previous recommended dose of water has proven to be too much, researchers now say that when people […]

Dangers Of Not Vaccinating Your Child – Death Of Six Year Old Boy


A report came in from Barcelona where a 6 year old boy died on Saturday because of diphtheria. A dormant disease for the past 28 years, it resurfaced and took the boys life in a Barcelona hospital where he was admitted since May 30th. Diphtheria is a serious bacterial infection usually affecting the mucous membranes […]