How was Pluto Discovered?


While NASA’s New Horizons Mission flies by the frozen dwarf planet, snapping away and gathering data, we ought to learn more about the history of Pluto and how this planet was found at the very edge of our solar system. It was all the way back in 1930, when on the 23rd and 24th of […]

Collin’s Monster-A Worm With 72 Spikes Discovered In South China


A 500 million year old worm has recently been discovered in South China. Scientists from the University of Cambridge and Yunnan University is China have released a statement about the discovery of a worm like creature in the Xiaoshiba deposit. It’s been named, Hairy Collin’s Monster after palaeontologist Desmond Collins who discovered a similar creature […]

Aren’t Rats just lucky? They can dream about whatever they want!


A new research at University College London has made a surprising discovery about rats: they just don’t dream of food, or cheese or nightmares involving cats! Oh no, the dreams of this furry little adventurist are way more intricate than previously imagined. Disney’s Ratatouille was on the mark in showing us we underestimate these street […]

Grandfather Turtles Fossil Discovered – Ancestors Of The Modern Day Turtle


Scientists have discovered a natural fossil, which thrived in the period of dinosaur’s. It thrived in the period of 260 million to 220 million years ago and has helped scientists fill the void of 40 million years in between to evaluate the history of evolution of the turtle shell. The 240 million years old fossil […]

New Species Of Fireflies Discovered In Topanga!


A new species of firefly was discovered in the Santa Monica Mountains, in Topanga. The glow of this new species is nothing compared to its cousins which can light up gardens on warm summer evenings. It’s half a centimeter long and contains a faint glow.Nonetheless this new discovery is exciting people because fireflies are thought […]

Thousands Of Hairy, Yeti Crabs Found In Freezing Antarctica


There has been a discovery of a warm-water species in one of the coldest places in the world, Antarctica. The yeti crab, a marine creature that lives near the thermal vents in the ocean floor where hot water gushes into the sea. There are three known species of yeti crabs, and now, in a new […]

Hubble Telescope Allows Spectacular Sneak Peak At Gliese 436b With Massive Hydrogen Cloud


“This cloud of hydrogen is very spectacular!” lead author David Ehrenreich of the Observatory of the University of Geneva said in a statement. The Hubble space telescope has allowed astronomers to take a peak at a distant, Neptune-sized planet throwing off a massive cloud of hydrogen gas. The huge hydrogen gas track makes the planet […]

Neanderthals Interbred With Modern Humans In Middle East As Well As Europe!


Our close cousins who disappeared nearly 39,000 years ago were the Neanderthals. Everyone around the world is share about 1 to 3 % of their DNA with the Neanderthals. Scientists found a jawbone in Romania, of a man who roamed the Earth 40,000 years ago, which boasts the most Neanderthal ancestry ever seen in a […]

Great News For Migraine Sufferers – New Class Of Drug To Prevent Chronic Migraines


Migraine sufferers usually get a headache which affects half of the head and can last up to 72 hours. Nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, sound and smell are all the ailments affecting the patients suffering from Migraine. Any sort of physical activity worsens the pain. Believed to be a Neurovascular disorder, extra mechanisms of Migraine are […]

Despute Over The Origins Of 8500 Year Old Man Settled

k man 1

In 1996 two college students found a rare skull in the Columbia River, the skull belonging to ancestors of homo sapiens. An entire skeleton was found near the skull which belonged to a male that was roaming the earth 8500 years ago. This skeleton came to be known as Kennewick Man because he was buried […]