NASA Reveals Best Images Ever Of The Mysterious Bright Lights on Dwarf Planet Ceres


Pictures have been captured of the bright lights on the dwarf planet called Ceres, which is located in our solar systems asteroid belt. A NASA spacecraft called Dawn snapped best ever pictures of the mysterious bright spots. “The bright spots in this configuration make Ceres unique from anything we’ve seen before in the solar system. […]

With water seemingly present on both Ceres and Mars, hey Steve, which one will give us the first glimpse of ETs?


Ceres is now getting its own personal pictorial from NASA’s Dawn spacecraft. Earlier images sent back by the craft caused some speculation as two bright and shiny spots were fueling the imaginations of scientists and story tellers alike. It’s no surprise that the craft has dedicated some of its resources into learning what these spots […]

Those Ceres bright spots look more like the frozen lakes which Hans used for skating practice


We still don’t know precisely what is bringing on the bright spots on the surface of the dwarf planet of our solar system -Ceres. Thanks to the new images shared by NASA – the most detailed so far- of the planet’s surface, we do realize that there is a greater amount of those tiny bright […]

NASA Probe Photographs Bright Spots On Planetoid Ceres


Ceres is the largest astronomical body present in the asteroid belt. Past February NASA probe Dawn photographed the planetoid containing two bright spots in the center. Since then scientist have formed several theories regarding the origin and identification of the spots. Theories suggest that these spots might have resulted from the sun light reflecting from […]

NASA’s Dawn settles down and is about to begin Ceres critical mission series


NASA’s Dawn shuttle subsided into its first science orbit around the 950 kilometer-wide space rock Ceres on Thursday. Since landing at Ceres on March 6, Dawn has been moving into the 13,500 km-high orbit utilizing its ion engine. This is moderately new innovation that gives little yet steady push, which permits satellites to be utilized […]

Dawn Space Probe Intensifies the Mystery behind Ceres even more as it Enters its Orbit


Had Giuseppe Piazzi been alive today, he might also be mystified by the results of the observation of the space probe Dawn on the celestial body he discovered some 214 years ago. Initially thought of as a comet by Piazzi, then as a planet and was downgraded to an asteroid and was lately dubbed as […]

Stronger Evidence that there is Life in Ceres as Dawn Begins to Crack the Mystery of Shiny Spots


Mysterious bright spots inside a crater on a dwarf planet Ceres was spotted when  NASA’s Dawn spacecraft pulled into orbit earlier this month. It could be caused by water spewing into space,  raising the possibility that there is a potential for life beneath its surface, as is thought to be the case on icy moons around […]