Black Men In The UK Have Double The Risk Of Prostate Cancer As Compared To White Men.


While prostate growth is the most widely recognized malignancy among men in the UK, well-being authorities foresee by 2030 it will turn into the most normally analyzed tumor generally. The prostate is an organ discovered just in men. It sits underneath the bladder and encompasses the urethra, which is the tube that brings pee and […]

Addictive But Poisonous POT Gaining Popularilty Despite Fatal Side Effects


A synthetic pot called ‘Spice’ has been the cause of staggering ER visits and hospitalizations. The use of this synthetic marijuana is on the rise despite public health warnings. CDC has stated an astounding 330% rise in the number of calls made to poison centers after this fatal pot has been consumed. This illegal street […]

Study shows that low-priced old cars are deadly and dangerous for teenagers


One of the most popular Christmas gifts on the wish lists of teenagers is a car, but buying a car for your son or daughter can be a daunting task since there are a lot of factors you need to consider such as price, safety and essential features. For the vast majority of parents they […]

Texting drivers knows the risks while driving


People are aware that texting and driving at the same time is dangerous but they still do it. In a survey backed up mobile communications giant AT&T implicating drivers who text every day wherever they are, 98% of the respondent said that they are aware that texting while driving is dangerous. About 75% of the […]