Montgomery country’s capital for sexually transmitted maladies


As indicated by the details incorporated by RentApplication, Palm Beach County news reported STDs in 2013. That separates to 4,486 instances of chlamydia, 1,054 instances of gonorrhea, and 84 instances of syphilis. Altogether, that stacks up to around 414 cases for each 100,000 individuals. Miami-Dade is highlighted in splendid red. With a populace of 2,591,035, […]

Non-smoking Menopausal Females Are More Unlikely that to Expertise Hot Whizzes.


Another study proposes that menopausal ladies who don’t smoke have less hot flashes than the ladies who smoke routinely. Amid the study, analysts watched that ladies who had not smoked for no less than a time of five years has 45% shots of having less continuous and extreme hot flashes which is a side effect […]

Researchers Disappointed With; Lack Of Fruit & Vegetable Consumption among American Adults


According to a new study conducted by CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, researchers concluded that barely 15% of the Americans ingest fruits and even a smaller percentage consumes vegetables. For many years in the past fruit and vegetable consumption across US has been fairly low, but now thankfully a method has been discovered […]

CDC: Heroin Use And Addiction Are Increasing Dramatically In The US


A new report released by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed that deaths from heroin have quadrupled between 2002 and 2013. Rates of abuse doubled among women and went up 50 percent among men during the same time period. Heroin overdose has taken many celebrity lives during this time – including Chris Farley […]

$3.8 million Granted To Nashville To Fight HIV


According to the survey taken in 2014 by Tennessee Department of Health and Metro Public Health Department of Nashville there are 5,218 people who are HIV positive. It has risen by a staggering 21% since 2010, and another 835 people are unaware of their HIV positive status. With the financial help from Center of Disease […]

‘Crypto’ Can Survive Upto 10 Days In Water


People wait all year long for summer and to have some fun in the sun. With the heat increasing many people are jumping into the water to cool off. But warnings have emerged from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about a parasite called cryptosporidium, which can survive in chlorinated water. 1,788 people have […]

Red-eyed after a dip in the pool? CDC says it’s Urine, not Chlorine!


If you love swimming, then beware…you might be swimming in more than just plain chlorine water out there. If you’d ever had to deal with irritated, red eyes in the pool know that it has little to do with chlorine. The true cause is nitrogen in urine binding to chlorine to form chloramine—a derivative of […]

Infection Alert: CDC declared Florida Beaches unsafe due to the return of flesh eating bacteria


Florida beaches have become deadly, not for its shark attacks but for the onslaught of a lethal bacteria that has killed two people and infected seven others this year. This bacteria, Vibrio vulnificus, has been found to breed in the beaches of Florida according to a statement issued by Florida officials on Monday. According to […]

Why is the military shipping live anthrax to just about everywhere and everybody?


What is the rationale behind this action? What is it that they hope to achieve? This bizarre behavior from the military needs more explanation than the standard and official denials that they have been using for so long. Live strains of anthrax were mailed again by the U.S. military to 51 facilities in 17 states. […]

Guess what’s the courier of the avian flu in Midwest: flies, mice, birds, all of the above, none of the above


Since its first appearance in the US five months ago, the H5N2 bird flu virus that has already caused the death toll of 21 million birds in the Midwest alone. Researchers acknowledge at the moment they still have limited knowledge about the bird flu virus that has endangered the turkey and egg-laying chicken population that […]